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Forum Post: Occupy the Dinner Conversation This Christmas

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 25, 2011, 2:53 p.m. EST by fucorporatemedia (451)
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Jesus was the first Occupier. Think about it.

He was an unshaven, sandal-clad vagrant who claimed no permanent address, fed thousands in public spaces, spoke against economic inequality and materialism, and was firmly committed to peace and nonviolence. The only documented act of violence Jesus committed was overturning the tables of the money changers in the Temple, accusing them of turning a house of prayer into "a den of thieves," even chasing them out with a whip. And he's still venerated as the holiest, most perfect human being to ever walk the Earth.

At a time when 42 percent of all financial wealth is controlled by the top 1 percent; when 400 Americans control more wealth than 155,000,000 other Americans; when billionaire financiers who wrecked the economic well-being of millions for pure profit get off scot-free and have the audacity to sit in country clubs and call the people protesting them "imbeciles," a nonviolent movement has risen to decry those acts of greed as unjust and immoral. While none of us are perfect, sinless human beings like Jesus, we still have the same message. We aren't calling for violent insurrection, but fundamental structural changes to the way society has been built.

When the rich man asked Jesus how he could find salvation, he was told to give away all of his possessions and follow him. Our solutions aren't as radical: Occupiers have no problem with people attaining wealth, as long as that wealth wasn't attained by denying a fair wage to their employees or blowing millions on high-risk financial shell games that rook honest people out of their pensions.

Instead, we're proposing common-sense reforms, like removing corporate money from elections and instituting public campaign financing. We're demanding the return of a tax burden tilted toward the super-rich, instead of the poor and middle class. We want an end to a system that rewards and encourages reckless greed, unsustainable growth and endless profits for a few, done on the backs of the many.

The mainstream media, owned by the same corporations that have made their billions in financial finagling of the tax code, loves to ridicule and marginalize our movement. Fox commentators call us unwashed radicals and vagrants, drifters with a hatred and envy of the wealthy. If Jesus were alive today, the talking heads on Fox News would undoubtedly play video footage of his attack on the money changers while accusing him of being a violent, radical religious cleric who hates capitalism. Just as today's right-wing political commentators cheer the violent police crackdowns of nonviolent protesters at Occupy encampments, they would also likely cheer the crucifixion of Jesus, a rebellious socialist who dared to question the inequalities and injustices of Roman society.

So don't fret this year, Occupiers. Truth, facts and even Scripture are all on our side.




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[-] 3 points by Windsofchange (1044) 12 years ago

First off, Merry Christmas and thank you for posting this.

Yes, the bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil. We are seeing the fruits of such worship of money on Wall Street and in Big Business. I was very happy that OWS a few months ago had a paper mache Golden Calf to represent idolatry and greed marched in front of Wall Street.

The anger that Jesus displayed in the temple overthrowing the tables of the money changers has been often referred to as "righteous anger" because what these money changers were doing in the house of God was so egregious in the eyes of God. Jesus (who never did anything violent other than what he did in the temple) brandished a whip and whipped the money changers.

Those that behave in such a way where they exploit and hurt others all in the name of Greed will bring judgement on themselves. In the bible it has been mentioned often enough that those who take advantage of or oppress the widows and the orphans will bring judgement upon themselves. Right now I think of the elderly living on fixed income who are being pushed over the edge by the high cost of living, healthcare, and other factors that make it hard on them to survive day to day. The greedy 1% doesn't care who they hurt to profit off of. They will have people in the poor house, starving, homeless, denied of necessary health coverage and prescription drugs, and made an absolute debt slave.

God is no doubt on our side. If we are out there fighting for the rights of not just the most vulnerable of people in our society, but everyone who is being oppressed by these evil doers--he will bless this movement.

Thank you for this post again--very appreciated.

[-] 3 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 12 years ago

I must say a very timely and apt statement of the facts Windsofchange.

I don't think I could dream of saying it better then what you just did.

That being said. It is the 1% but it is not them alone ( and it is not even every 1%er ) it is all of the supporters of corruption and greed. They unfortunately inhabit all walks of life. Though those at the top are perhaps more visible and/or noteworthy. The ones at the top can ( and do ) also do the most wide spread damage.

[-] 2 points by Windsofchange (1044) 12 years ago

Thank you for your kind words.

[-] 1 points by fucorporatemedia (451) 12 years ago

Thank you for your response.

It is just so hard to watch so much suffering, so many elderly and veterans, so many families, millions of homeless school children... while we fight for progress. We could sure use that blessing right now!

[-] 1 points by Windsofchange (1044) 12 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree. I hope that 2012 is a much better year--I am praying for it.

Peace and blessings to you.

[-] 2 points by earnyours (124) 12 years ago

Jesus never pitched for a Roman welfare state. He talked about what YOU should give, not what the state should take from others on your behalf.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

You really should check your scripture and what Jesus really was all about.

He was not about possessions, redistribution and all the physical trappings that you mention and see as the evil of this world.

He was all about the soul of man - that innermost part of what man really is.

You are merely calling for a change in the very thing that Jesus avoided, all the outward trapping of their lives. This is what your post sees in Jesus and His purpose in life. Totally the opposite of what it really was.

The rich man did not retain his possessions because it would take too much effort to redistribute them. He keep them because that was where his heart was. Jesus merely told the man where his heart had to be, the man made his choice. Jesus didn't then take it upon Himself to intervene and distribute the wealth for the man.

Jesus came to PAY for your salvation not to BUY it.