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Forum Post: Occupy Secession

Posted 6 years ago on March 23, 2012, 12:45 p.m. EST by OccupySecession (0)
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Decentralize. Be self-determined. Develop neighborhood & local economies. Figure out methods of food production & become self-sufficient. Suffocate big government, big corporations & big banks by dropping out of their systems and creating your own. The 'leaders' of this country benefit when they have us at each others throats. A way to solve this is to join up with those that share your views. Once a number of grounded functional communities are established the occupying regime (which forms the state) will begin to crumble in a very real way. If you feel you are level-headed enough to be able to tolerate the differing viewpoints and opinions of other people in order to work towards a common goal please continue reading. The future lies in harmonious 'de-unification' and not forced inharmonious universalism.

Self-reliance teaches individual responsibility. The reason the state has become so powerful throughout the world is because we gave up a very important element of our being which was with us for millions of years before the dawn of civilization. It is time to rediscover that element and to take complete control of our lives once again.

  1. Find the others. Find like minded folks in your locale. Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, Greens, Muslims, Christians, Atheists etc. Get together and figure out your ideal world & start to replicate your ideas in your apartment building, neighborhood and community. Bring your ideas into reality. It is unlikely that your entire block or entire apartment will contain like-minded people. Do not let that deter you. These operations can still be conducted with 15 people living in 15 different locations & so on & so forth. Think about acquiring some land. Big things start small.

  2. Buy local, state, city, province or county made products instead of imported goods. Re-use items, set up a trading post with your group members. Seek out materials in junkyards or thrift stores that will benefit you & your group. For example it is possible to build a 50-250 watt wind generator from spare machine parts and PVC pipe. Unused stone or brick can be used to build compost areas, irrigation systems etc. Be creative.

  3. Occupy your lawn, ordinances be damned. Replace it with a garden or use the space to raise your own chickens, goats, rabbits etc. Research Agroecology & Permaculture. Occupy parking areas and empty lots. Tear up the concrete, erect greenhouses & raise rain barrel systems. Occupy foreclosed property on your block if needed. Move in like-minded individuals.

  4. Include everyone in your group with the decision making process. Consensus will work in smaller closed groups. One person, one vote will also work in the same scenario & within larger groups. If you do have a larger group it could be broken up into smaller parts & come back to meet as a whole after issues are discussed. Some folks may not be comfortable speaking their opinions. Debate & discussion using a combination of the small group method, writing, speaking & voting will be very effective. Don't let tyrants rise to the top and be sure to consider consider all viewpoints. Keep this in mind: the witch trials came about through direct democracy.

  5. Create a new economic system. Barter for goods and services. Invent a local currency. Some groups in Texas are using pre-1964 silver coins to purchase items and products produced by others in their community. Research the Greek Tems and gradually apply that underlying foundation to your day to day life.

  6. Self-Defense & Health. Your group is your police and protection. It is important to be able to defend yourself if advanced upon by outside forces. Take a martial arts class in your area. See if an instructor will provide a free private lesson for your group in exchange for goods or services. Any military personnel should also be able to provide a basic course in self-defense. Be active. Walk, run or jog daily. Push-ups and sit-ups haven't killed very many people either. Eat healthy. If you're producing your own food there's no need to gorge on processed, genetically modified factory farmed imports.

  7. Spread your message. Create websites. Contact the media. Make flyers, record videos, publish articles & books. Let people know that another way of life is possible. A suggestion for group names are Occupy Secession NYC, Union of Bostonian Separatists, Helsinki Christians for Tribal Autonomy, Sydney Self-Reliant Homesteaders Guild, Circle of Sovereign Hmong Traditionalists etc. etc. Define who you are.

  8. Report back here with your progress.

Continued: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Secession/171394656286246?sk=info



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