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Forum Post: Occupy Rich Non-USA-Landowners Unused Land...Queen of England :D

Posted 7 years ago on April 9, 2012, 3:58 p.m. EST by JadedGem (895)
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Okay I dont know the exact amounts or locations of any or all rich non-citizens landholdings here in the United States of America, but if you can't find a private or company owned land space to occupy with permission....well find some land owned by someone that is not a citizen and can never be a citizen of the United States of America and occupy the land they own here in America.

My example is the land owned by the Queen of England here in America. She owns vast amounts of land, one state that she owns huge amounts of land in is Alabama. She can never be a citizen here, and I don't see her as ever trying to live in Alabama and protect her land from occupiers....and I think it would be kind of funny if someone tried to tell the police in Alabama to defend the Queen of England's property from U.S. citizens that are camping out on it. Honestly I don't think it would be very strongly politically defended by anyone to protect the Queen of England's ownership here in America. Afterall the tea party like reminding people about revolting against English rule here in America, so wouldn't the tea party have to support not removing occupiers from the Queen of England's U.S. holdings too. :D

I know Alabama is not the site of policy makers or capitalism makers...but hey parking on the lawn and maybe even building tree houses in the trees of the 1% owning America (so we can be tree huggers too) should be a worthy goal too. Plus, my idea is not only limited to Alabama...I am sure the Queen of England owns more land all over the United States, just like Oprah, and probably even the Taliban...hey they had lots of money too. So my idea is just find out from any low level paid government land offices where the big areas of land owned by rich non-USA-citizens are and go occupy there...if nothing else it should take more red-tape to get you removed out of there and a lot more sympathy and support will be with you from the American people (especially any descended from the American Revolution if you are occupying Queen land).



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[-] 2 points by JadedGem (895) 7 years ago

oh and did you know if you build something (like a monument or a building, something kind of permanent) on someone's land, and they don't see it or remove it in a limited time period (different places different times, most around 6-12 months). Then that landowner is sorta agreeing to your ownership of that land to have built that structure on it and maintained it for that amount of time for the purpose of you owning that land. So yes go forth and conquer your own land back from landowners that own so much land they can never take care of it all by themselves. At worst, they will have to hire people to both caretake and remove the built structures....which then makes them job creators. So if the Queen wants to own American land, she can be an American job creator too :)