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Forum Post: Occupy Ports - what does that have to do with wall street??

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 12, 2011, 12:05 p.m. EST by armchairecon1 (169)
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what do the ports have to do with wall street?

occupy west coast is basically just disrupting commerce and anyone/any organization dependent on commerce, including small businesses, etc.

instead of trying to make a media circus why not try propose specific goals ie: money out of politics.. there have been several worth lobby driven congress decisions the past week.. that are worthy drawing attention to, yet occupy is going for the media circus that has no ultimate goal.

i think its time to grow up and try to do something vs. creating pointless activities that dont really affect anything beside getting the occupy name in print (ie: there have been NO discussion on actual change by decision makers driven by months of occupy activities.. does that tell you anything?)



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[-] 3 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 10 years ago

After the shutdown of the Port of Oakland, I spent an entire day on this site asking the same question over and over: WHY?

The responses that I got were really disappointing. A lot of people responded with their own unique ideas about why it happened and what the point of it was. Not a single one of those responses coincided with the official reasoning provided by Occupy Oakland when the General Assembly decided on the objective of shutting down the port.


My conclusion after that thread was that the true motivation for the port shutdown was simply to create an attention-getting disturbance. None of the Occupy supporters who responded to my day-long inquiry seemed in any way concerned about the 11,000 workers at the port who lost wages for the day due to the shutdown. Yet those workers are listed on the propaganda for today's action as the justification for the shutdown. An obvious contradiction.

[-] 2 points by UTAnnieO (2) 10 years ago

This is punishing the 99% who need their paychecks. This does not help our cause at all.

[-] 2 points by foreeverLeft (-264) 10 years ago

The hard lefties panties are all moist that this may be the big one, Co-opting OWS may be the beginning of the beautiful class war that will leave millions dead thereby cleansing mother Giah of the foulness that is humanity (all but them of course). Or some other crazy shit.

[-] 0 points by fandango (241) 10 years ago

It has nothing to do with ows, it's all about civil unrest. That's been the plan from the beginning.

[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 10 years ago

Then along came the 99% Declaration which spoke of a National General Assembly. Funny how that working group was quickly, and privately, removed from this very website. Oh I forgot, we're leaderless and non political right. NYCGA told me so ; )


[-] 0 points by fandango (241) 10 years ago

ows . a scam from the begining.

[-] 1 points by AndyJ0hn (129) 10 years ago

I'm tending to agree, OWS appears to have been co-opted and is now another mechanism to further scare the regular citizens to accept more control by governments.

[-] 0 points by fandango (241) 10 years ago

ows was never a grassroots thing, it's been planned for a long time. it hasn't been co-opted. it is exactly what it was planned to be, societal disruption.

[-] 1 points by AndyJ0hn (129) 10 years ago

thats a very very scary thought

[-] 0 points by fandango (241) 10 years ago

be aware and keep your powder dry.