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Forum Post: Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 24, 2011, 10:14 p.m. EST by suzencr (102)
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In considering the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protestors who’ve been camped out in New York City’s Zuccotti Park for more than a month now, we should consider the words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black in New York Times Co. vs. Sullivan, (1964): “An unconditional right to say what one pleases about public affairs is what I consider to be the minimum guarantee of the First Amendment."

The OWS “movement,” if it can be called that, seems to have been initiated by young Americans justifiably disenchanted with the economic and political state of America, using a generic straw villain labeled “Wall Street” that has some catchy validity.

As a friend of my youth and a founder of Young Americans for Freedom, David Franke, wrote recently:

“Ordinary Americans sense that we have been screwed by Wall Street every bit as much as by Washington, D.C., but instead of fighting together we have fallen into the perennial Right vs. Left trap of letting the ruling establishment divide us. The conservatives say Washington caused our meltdown, the progressives say Wall Street caused our meltdown. Only the Ron Lawl Revolution understands that they are one and the same, with the Federal Reserve representing and empowering both Washington and Wall Street against the people.”

I think OWS protestors should broaden their targets to include all the true culprits - the White House and Capitol Hill politicians of both parties who, in league with those big, bailed out banks, major corporations and unions, form a ruling oligarchy whose only guiding principles are plundering our nation’s economy for their own personal gain and the preservation of their own political power.

These are the oligarchs who run that system of which “Wall Street” is only a part.

Then too, there is the despicable bi-partisan revolving door by which Wall Street moguls slip in and out of major federal government posts from Secretary of the Treasury (Geithner, Paulson, Snow, O’Neill, Summers, Rubin, Baker and Schulz among others) on down, using their Washington tenure to shape policy to benefit Wall Street at the expense of most Americans who are excluded from this exclusive inner circle of inbred wealth and power.

The OWS protesters’ actions inevitably will end but they have achieved an important goal: they have put the issue of income inequality on the national agenda. Huge gaps between the top 5% versus the other 95% have been growing as a political issue for a long time and now it is coming to a head.

Suddenly Obama newly discovers his sympathy for the OWS anti-Wall Street campaign - he who has been deep in the pockets of Wall Street slavishly doing their bidding. For a shocking, eye opening compendium of facts about Obama and his multiple and lucrative Wall Street ties, I seriously urge you to read Glen Greenwald’s account of this sordid tale of political incest financed by American taxpayers. Two years ago I urged readers of my blog to review two articles from Rolling Stone that laid out the facts about just one Wall Street powerhouse, Goldman Sachs. It’s worth going back and reading them now: The Great American Bubble Machine by Matt Taibbi, and Obama's Big Sellout.

Obama made certain the big bankers knew he was and is their friend, even paling around with foreign bankers from the indicted Swiss UBS. His buddy system raked in millions in campaign funds from Wall Street and bankers, and in spite of some harsh words, the president has rewarded them handsomely - with billions in bailouts at the taxpayers' expense.

What’s the solution? I wish I knew...

Since both political parties are deeply involved with and beholden to the system, it would seem the answer is a third party independent candidate who not only comprehends the enormous dimension of our problems, but has the courage to act to solve them, without regard to the financial powers that be. Another possibility is free market constitutional reforms to stop the current crony capitalism.

Among the current crop of preening political pygmies it seems to me only my old friend Ron Paul understands what needs to be done, but his age and some quirky ideas make him a punching bag for the liberal media and the Republican establishment.

Unfortunately, as Occupy Wall Street reminds us, America does not have that much time left to solve its problems. The need is immediate and acute.

By Bob Bauman JD, Chairman, Freedom Alliance



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[-] 1 points by TomHall (58) 12 years ago


Pennsylvania is a great place to live and now Protest!

From the beginning when our country was formed we face many challenges and many opposing views

Just like today however, the peoples voices have been silence by special interest groups as well as the over whelming power grab by the bankers. Your demands/petitions will never be heard or taken seriously unless lobbyist/corporate have bless it for greedy reasons or Co-Opt it.

It is time for a fair hearing!

Wouldn’t it be great if you can be heard, fairly and equally? Wouldn’t it be worth your time to know there is a petition list, worth signing rather then getting involved in so many other worthy causes? Can be a drain, especially knowing many of lists of issues will mostly not be look at or simply be voted downed.

It can also be time consuming.

This is were the 7’step plan an ever growing list known as the “TOCS FAE” doctrine helps just about every cause, the cause that helps almost all other causes should be supported. These step plans, solves many of the roots of all our problems we face.Whether you have protested at the gas pump or you are an Occupier and Tea Partier, for that matter any protest mover, make your protest have meaning, give it the teeth it needs beyond the gas pump and over the protest lines.

This petition will be a notification to congress of things yet to come and to properly prepare.

As of January 2012 we the people

We will not take the abuse anymore and neither should they walk around with there heads in the sand.

We will begin the process of phase one

Your petition will go to congress, informing them you support The “TOCS FAE” Doctrine and so should they, by making preparations for receiving and forwarding income Tax mail. Your petition will also go to the top corporations letting them know of our intentions and they too should support and act by sending their taxes directly to congress. They should also be informed if our demands are not met protests will be under way the likes they have never seen.

After this is achieved and we have broken the back of a few select Corporations we will move on to Step1 Taxes which may take months or up to a year

Step1) Send your TAXES to a trusted congressman or congresswoman which maybe hard to find in your state. Make a Petition with your neighbors. Phone, email, fax your congress your list and intentions. Prepare your taxes, made out to the I.R.S check and envelope, and a stamp. Fit it in inside of a bigger envelope, onto which you should write congress address, preferably your state congress.


Washington, DC 203 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone Number: (202) 225-2831 Have congress unwrap the envelopes, state you want your taxes to be mailed to the I.R.S

If you are asking yourself, what will this achieve first it can be used as a bargain chip however, congress cannot spend it or over take the fed reserve and banks system over night, nonetheless this will indeed give teeth/meat, back to congress. You should include a sign return receipt so as to show proof you paid your taxes.

For the rest Click http://inkrumguardians.webs.com/

Occupy funny pix http://inkrumguardians.webs.com/apps/blog/

If you are interested in expressing this message to Occupy General Assembly you should present the "TOCFAE" Doctrine in David Ferola's name, and claim you are him, for solidarity purpose.

That includes woman and children