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Forum Post: Occupy new years resolution speech!

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 21, 2011, 12:18 p.m. EST by Garonarcher (39) from Johnson City, TN
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Hey i need some advice on an occupy speech/mic check to address at occupy Johnson Cities new years event, anyone got anything?



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[-] 1 points by aahpat (1407) 12 years ago

Resolved: Never make resolutions you can't keep.

Every year I resolve to not make New Year resolutions.

[-] -3 points by necropaulis (491) 12 years ago

The main points on this site seem to be:

Rich people are bad. We can't really say which ones, so we'll randomly point and shoot

The government needs to be thrown out, so we can install a government that isn't like a government

Run your credit/student loans up, and then don't pay shit

We are like the blacks(even though it's main base is white), women (kinda leaning on more males in this though), Jews(dunno).

If you aren't for the cause, then you must be paid off, a communist (even though A LOT of pro"occupy" people here are), a republican, nazi, or wanna be rich guy.

And cops are bad, even though the occupy people can break laws as they see fit.

My main suggestions would be helping the people directly. If there's a family of four about to get kicked out of their house, at least try to raise some money to keep them in their home.

Setting up a way to work with the government, and not pissing it off. You lose a lot of credibility when you're a screaming mass.

If you are just going to sit in a park and scream, have some kind of security and waste set up(some do, most don't). If you can at least show you can police yourselves, you will be left alone, and peacefully asked to leave, which brings us to

When you have overstayed your welcome, and the cops do come around, just go. Saying no, grabbing each other and singing pisses them off. They were called down there, they can't leave until you do. While this is happening, who knows what and how many crimes are going on that they can't stop.

[-] 1 points by Garonarcher (39) from Johnson City, TN 12 years ago

I'll reply to that, First of all.. rich people aren't bad, the bastards that got rich exploiting the masses are bad. Second, college fees are so fucking high you have to be so rich you'll never need an education in order to get one. third, my mothers side of the family can trace its roots to Israel, They're are plenty of blacks with us, and they're are plenty of women. Fourth, we have right wing and left wing supporters, do you even know what communism is? and they're are police on both sides. We are helping the people directly if you look around for a minute and do some real research. Some elected officials have chosen to respond, some haven't.. We police our selves and stay clean! And MAYBE JUST MAYBE, FREE SPEECH ISN'T A CRIME AND SHOULDN'T BE TREATED AS ONE

[-] 0 points by necropaulis (491) 12 years ago

The first part was kinda sarcastic, but:

In order

  1. The bulk of the people say that. I can't argue with your point. But my main question that nobody on this site(and I've asked plenty on this site) can name a single person.

  2. I'm paying my loans off as are many people. Just because school didn't work out doesn't mean they can just write off the contract they signed. Kepp in mind, also, a lot of immigrants come over here just to go to school, and they don't pay what we have to(my mother works at a college in admin).

  3. I wasn't saying there were no blacks or women(and from the reports I've read, the main demographic is white males 20-26. When I get into arguments with the less informed on this site, they automatically bring up Civil Rights, Women's Movement, WW2, Anne Frank, etc. All things in history that have nothing to do with this situation.

  4. Yes, I do know what communism is. A lot of people here have communistic ideas. Yet again, this is the view of the uninformed.

  5. A lot of these camps have no policing. There are people getting shot, ODing, a suicide, massive amounts of trash, etc. I didn't say all of them were like this. I do do(hehe) research before I say anything. If I'm wrong, I'll freely admit it.

[-] 1 points by Garonarcher (39) from Johnson City, TN 12 years ago

with your points here

  1. Its nearly impossible to live decent without college education, due to our production jobs being exported. With tuition fees rising, demand for jobs falling and no production to fall back on. On top of all that the greed of the faceless corporation has caused prices to skyrocket. Being employed at minimum wage or being unemployed, how is one to pay off college debt, rent an apartment, feed themselves, etc.. The simple answer is you can't.
  2. I've been to several occupy camps, DC(freedom and mcpherson), Nasvhille, New York (week after raid), the one here in my hometown, Johnson City TN. I think that the demographic you read may have had a little truth, but not a whole lot.. They're are a lot of young men everywhere in the occupy movement, race really depends on the area, they're are many women involved as well. Some bring up the civil rights movement due to the support we are getting from civil rights leaders, now i do know a few who think its "cool to be oppressed" but you get that anywhere. The point is though, some of our rights have been assaulted, free speech takes the form of camping now, because our voices aren't heard by regular methods anymore.. if 15,00 march in New York and say things a few times a week they're ignored eventually by the only methods of information the common American relies on, mass media. Because the faceless corporation owns the mass media, they censor any anger at them, it hurts they're pocket and that is more dear to them than life. Sorry i got a little off topic, but when these camps are removed, we no longer have effective free speech, the norm doesn't work, we need shock value to outreach to the common American. And don't you think that the indefinite detention bill is a little bit authoritarian ww2 like?
  3. I, personally, am a communist.. i once was closer to progressivism or the democratic party. Our democratic party has become right wing and our republican party has become borderline fascist.. I feel the only way to balance that is with a more radical left opposing the right wing, like CPUSA. Communist aren't Stalinist, i think that is the big thing we need to understand, we love freedom, we love our country and we love our people...we just don't like greedy capitalist. The way communism is depicted is a horrible authoritarian police state with little goods or resources. That does exist, but it won't happen in America. Communism is depicted as evil because it hurts the pocket of the uncommonly rich & powerful persons...
  4. There is only so much policing you can do, fact is though, people kill them selves, do drugs, get drunk, and fight everywhere thats just what some people do, they'd do it with or without occupy. Most camps are clean, some people trash them and leave, but they're the same people who litter on the side of the road, and like i said, they can make a mess with or without occupy.
[-] 0 points by necropaulis (491) 12 years ago
  1. You are correct, I completely agree. But in the same vein, they also had the choice to not sign or go to a community college.

  2. Never been to a camp, but I have read reports from more unbiased sources, so I won't fight you on that one.

  3. I think communism has had a bad light shone on it due to the communist countries that are/have been in effect. Never said it was bad or good.

  4. I also agree on that, but when that's what is broadcast, it hurts your movement. Yes, it may be "boring news", but it will make it.

Off Topic. While a few cops have messed with some who may not have deserved it, there are a lot who do. I can't say all cops are right as much as I can't say the protestors were either. Do some protestors get lumped in with each other?? Sure 100's of screaming people, it's kinda hard to discern who's who. I'm sure people who had nothing to do with it may have gotten some also. This also has a little to do with my last main point