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Forum Post: Occupy New Haven… www.occupynewhaven.org… is the last in New England and one of the last in the nation.

Posted 7 years ago on March 28, 2012, 6:37 a.m. EST by DaveSign (6)
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Consistent 160 day occupation on the New Haven CT Green across from Yale University Old Campus. Read the Website. Show support. 10 minute walk from the New Haven Train Station to our camp,….. 10 Day Stay Granted Wednesday…… Court Case March 28 at 1pm on Church Street New Haven……. Support and Witness needed………. For the six months that Occupy New Haven has remained on the Green, the city has provided portable toilets and trash collection for occupiers…. The New Haven CT Green is owned by the Committee of the Proprietors of Common and Undivided Lands at New Haven and maintained by the city, but ONH Attorney Pattis questioned the constitutionality of the self-perpetuating entity that is the proprietors……. Irving Pinsky, another ONH attorney, said ONH met with the chief of the Quinnipiac Tribe Sunday and listened as the chief spoke of the history of the Green and how Native Americans were there first. “The burden of proof is on the city to show the proprietors own this and have title enough that ONH have to get off of it,” said Pinsky.....…………..Read Blog. Share www.occupynewhaven.org



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