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Forum Post: Occupy New Haven Eviction 3/14/12 High Noon

Posted 8 years ago on March 13, 2012, 10:37 p.m. EST by Bssgrl (9)
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Eviction Date March 14 at 12 Noon. Occupy New Haven Be there to rally support. we need as many bodies as possibles, even if only on the sidelines. be there. I will be livestreaming so that the world is watching at http://bambuser.com/channel/occupytabs

203.787.7452 is the number for Drew Days, proprietor of the New Haven Green. 203.946.8200 is the office of Mayor John DeStefano. 203-946-6316 is the Police Dept Non Emergency Number 203-946-6255 or 6256 is the Front Desk at NHPD

Please call and speak out against the eviction of Occupy New Haven!



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