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Forum Post: Occupy Montréal is asking for your solidarity - come and protest with us!

Posted 6 years ago on May 26, 2012, 4:30 a.m. EST by llllllllllllIllllllllllllllll (-32)
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As you know, huge protests are currently underway in Montréal. Some of the biggest numbers we have seen in years. We are talking marches with upwards of 300,000 protesters. Although it started as a protest against the rising of university fees, it has since turned into an anti-government protest mainly against a new law passed by the Liberal government of Québec - la loi 78.

This is it folks! It's what we have been waiting for. A protest with a clear reason. It's time to show that OWS is an international protest and that we all support each other. I'm asking you to come to Montréal and fight with us! Let's show the world the solidarity of OWS. Take buses, come over, get in touch with Occupy Montréal and they will find the houses of local occupiers where you can stay at. Let's fight together!

Warning: no political agendas

This protest is based on anarchy and civil disobedience. As some of you already know, the political landscape in Canada is very different from the one in US. What you call a left wing part (Obama), we call a right wing party. The Liberal party we are fighting against is actually more left wing than US democrats. Furthermore, in the province of Québec, the left as always flourished. People here are not scared of left wing socialism or even anarchy. For those reasons, we ask that those trying to turn OWS into a political protest abstain themselves from coming, or, if they do come, abstain themselves from trying to turn it into a political protest. Occupy Montréal wishes to remain anarchic.

Warning: civil disobedience

Be aware that we are fighting against the loi 78 which restrains a lot of our freedoms in relation to protesting. As such, the protest is clearly based on civil disobedience, in fact, in many cases the simple act of protesting is considered civil disobedience under loi 78 and this means you could be arrested for simply walking along. You could get big fines. We want to warn you about this, but we also want to note that the government as not yet used the loi 78 to its full potential and we can't imagine that it will do something like give you a 5000$ fine for protesting. That would be political suicide. So, in theory you could get fined, but in practice you likely won't. There has also been police brutality.



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