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Forum Post: Occupy Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade !!!

Posted 9 years ago on Nov. 18, 2011, 12:08 a.m. EST by Rebarton (64)
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Now that the media would enjoy !!! Maybe have our own little Float of Bloomberg !! Not sure NYPD in Riot Gear would be something they would lile to televise. Thereafter, feeding the homeless or the under privilidged would be a great way to spend the rest of the day !!'



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[-] 2 points by grandma27 (2) 9 years ago

If I was protesting, I think I would have 100s of people in the crowd with their hats and mittens on all smiling, blending in, all with cell phones that are on a text list... and after a minutes when all looks nice and does not seem to be any problem and there is a small break in the precession. I would text NOW and have people who blow whistles as soon as they see that text and have them all run out while putting on mask of anonymous and start dancing...(no children please).. It is non-violent and wont hurt anyone.

[-] 2 points by Sample246 (43) from Pell City, AL 9 years ago

lol, because the kids getting to see the spongebob balloons this year is somehow more important than the fact that they will have no future if no action is taken. It's so sad how fucking delusional some people are. Occupy the SHIT out of this parade! Let the children see the police brutality! This world is VERY REAL! No more censorship!

[-] 1 points by WarmItUp (301) 9 years ago

Exactly, why should we subject our children to a future where all they have to look forward to is taking care of us because our pensions have all been squandered in illegal gambling by hedge fund managers. Let the children see the reality of this world rather than sheltering them in a fantasy land of balloon characters made for the sole purpose of tricking our children into wanting us to buy them that new spiderman action figure, take your child ice-skating or something, not to the most disgusting display of corporate child manipulation. Everypone is complaining about protecting our children from sexual manipulation by football coaches what about mental manipulation by corporate ad campaigns. That kind of abuse needs to stop too.

[-] 2 points by PeoplehaveDNA (305) 9 years ago

I personally think that it is not a good idea to Occupy the Thanksgiving parade. First off alot of children go to this parade do you think that they should see police bludgeoning protesters. Secondly the kids look forward to seeing the floats all year don't be a buzz kill. Find something else to occupy or and blocking subways is not a good idea either. Look who takes the subways not the 1 percent. You don't want to piss off the common man ,you want them on your side.

[-] 2 points by pk7 (64) 9 years ago

I totally agree. Many people and children are looking forward to this. These random attempts to shut down the subway, block streets, etc are just starting to anger people, and not the 1% (as you said, who aren't even taking the subway).

[-] 3 points by PeoplehaveDNA (305) 9 years ago

Don't occupy the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade it is a major buzz kill and your are going to piss off a lot of common citizens.

[-] 1 points by MercuriusSC (2) from Santa Cruz, CA 9 years ago

Macy's actions seem like a "really bad idea" (tm). My suggestion for anyone interested:

"Black Friday Swap Don't Shop"

Setup local swap meets for parents to swap used toys, and/or give to those who can't afford toys this Christmas. Do a good thing for people, and make the point at the same time.

[-] 1 points by Irishmom (1) 9 years ago

We all get it! We've all heard your messages! You have the right to protest! So dose the Westboro Baptist. Am I'm shure you know their history. THey don't care who they hurt when they protest and it obvious you don't either!!!. Stop the nonsence! This Parade is shown world wide and we don't need bad press on this revered day. This is for the american children. THey have enough to deal with in their lives! This is the only FREE thing they get to look forward to on the Holidays. Leave Santa clause out of it! Just because you dont believe dosent mean the children don't! Shame on you! How selfish can you get.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 9 years ago

I kmows theys has a projector

[-] 1 points by JadedCitizen (4277) 9 years ago

Would a friend be happy if you and a bunch of your friends came over to his house and you ruined his holiday because you're protesting the inhumane treatment of turkeys. NO. You go the place where the inhumane treatment occurs, the turkey farm.

AS an alternate idea. You could very well have an OCCUPY WALL STREET PARADE in honor of all us regular guys and gals not able to buy a turkey this Thanksgiving, who may have to hold our hands out with no god-damned dignity at all and ask if "WE COULD PLEASE HAVE SOME TURKEY", BECAUSE of all the GOD-DAMNED CRIMINALS on Wall Street who put 37 million Americans in the poor house.

Which do you think would draw more support? Ruin a Holiday or Protest Injustice.

Stay on MESSAGE.

[-] 1 points by 3sparrows (1) 9 years ago

DON"T BE PREDICTABLE! THEY WANT YOU TO DO IT> so much more fodder for the stupid sensationalistic MEDIA. I think targeting the Macy's parade will hurt this movement much more than it will help. After all the good ideas and amazing energy that have gone into the movement and the continuing growth of support from all over, don't play into their hand. Just think of how Happy they will be when you do. And how much more power you will have if you don't. BE SMART> USE YOUR HEADS. Keep growing into a focused strong intelligent force for LASTING change.

[-] 1 points by mrkeyjr (29) 9 years ago

I cannot wait to see the first post that thinks this is a good idea. I want to meet said moron, follow them around for a year, and write a book about them.

[-] 0 points by lafnjim (5) 9 years ago

get with it kids. you decry executives salaries! the free market determines what the exec will be paid. If the guy asks too much, he wont be hired. same with pro athletes. minimum wage jobs , too. in dc $ 7 will not get any applicants. $ 10 may get a few bottom of the barrel types. $ 14 maybe will get a worker. its expensive to live there. in sulphur springs texas, $ 7 will get plenty of applicants. low cost of living. you decry corporate greed. what are investors in the stock? unions, teachers, private investors, you, me? you want a return on investment. and for a ceo of a public company, i would not want it. the pressure for the company to meet objectives is ridiculous. pressure filled, miserable. and the bubble of real estate? i agree, why did government allow those who can't pay the house note a loan in the first place? well real estate was climbing at a great rate. people would buy the house and flip it. the mortgage folks were happy to get the paperwork, approve the loan, get the commission and bail out! the salesman got paid! well, the daisy chain broke, and the last one holding the bag, walks away and the investors got stuck. they need government money to bail out. and they got it.

[-] 0 points by lafnjim (5) 9 years ago

you all are a bunch of lunatics! in graduate exercises, the speaker says the world is your oyster, make something of yourself. and what do you do? look at you? long hair (cant work the front of a store), drug addled (can't employ you, too dangerous for business) radically bent (bad for sales), where can we put you on the payroll? the 99% of you idiots, have a losers limp! Why do you not protest the 1% of actors that make up the pot of artists that make money. There are 99% of them that dont get hired at auditions, do summer stock for little to no money. Why don't you fuss at the pro athletes, the college athletes? there are millions of high school athletes that wont play college. there are tens of thousands of college athletes that wont go pro! it is the .001 of 1% that make it professionally. Same with media types and on and on. The best get chosen. What have you done? your idealism and tiresome "talking points" have done nothing but alienate the public! do something, start a lemonade stand, make a sale and see how hard it was. Build on your success. No one owes you anything. You owe society something. Your effort, hard work and weight of the collective taxpayers shoulders. You want socialism, go to europe. you want communism, n korea or china will take you.

[-] 0 points by WarmItUp (301) 9 years ago

Yes! Yes! Yes! this is the number one disgusting display of capitalist b.s. Macys trying to get you in the spirit of handing over your hard earned cash by parading corporate slogans past little children all day on tv. Giant banners for this one especially when santa comes by as this is the most televised portion.

[-] -1 points by ipayyourtaxes (-1) 9 years ago

You mean the act of willingly spending money for a product that you will use and are otherwise incapable of producing yourself either from lazyness or lack of resources? Yea capitalism really makes our lives much more difficult. Get a fucking job, loser.

[-] 1 points by WarmItUp (301) 9 years ago

Willingly?! yeah marketing to children who think it is just a fun parade with their favorite cartoon characters. When it is a clever ploy to manipulate children who are not old enough to know when they are being sold something. Marketing to children should be illegal. You obviously do not have kids. I am not against capitalism I am against marketing to children.