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Forum Post: Occupy is doing it all wrong when it comes to changing things

Posted 2 years ago on Nov. 18, 2012, 11 p.m. EST by Shayneh (-482)
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You folks who are interested in changing the way this country does business are doing it the wrong way.

Protesting, getting thrown in jail, complaining and any other method you have used in the past has done very little if nothing to change things.

So, I'm going to give you some firm advice on how to change things "big time".

First off you don't fight your enemy from the outside but from within. What that means is that you have to become part of what's going on from within to change things.

That means you have to become executives, bankers, brokers, loan administrators or take on any other job that puts you in a "decision making position and a position where you have control of "money".

In addition to that you need to sponsor people to run for office - have a platform that makes sense to get those voted in who you believe will be able to make change.

If you think what I am saying is wrong look at how "religious orginizations" do it - look at how the muslims do it -

They start out small, and work from within in - they don't do it from the outside.

So, go for it - BTW, it's probably going to take about 25 years for this to happen if you do it this way but should you decide not to, you will still be posting "talking points" on this board 25 years from now.

Have a goal and a plan to reach that goal and go for it. I am sure there are lots of you younger folks with college degrees that fit the bill. You just need to get yourself in the right position in order for you to make the change.

Once you do this, then you are in charge and if you have enough pe