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Forum Post: Occupy... Great Idea, But Missed The Mark

Posted 6 years ago on April 22, 2013, 1:59 p.m. EST by nickm11 (27)
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Occupy was a great idea and a great place to start. If you want to bring down Wall Street, you have to change the owned leadership of government.

After the loss of the park, I would like to have seen a move to paperwork. What I mean, is the constant going over, following up and the informationalizing of the large financial investments of big money with politicians.

Occupy should have and should now move on to specific elected officials and publicize the special large contributions and match that with the way they vote.

As is said, sunlight is the best sterilizer, so let there be light, lots of light.

Get out the people and the picket signs with the money info. Find ways to publicize the money and what it does to specific officials. We hear almost nothing of that.

Pols care about themselves and keeping power first. Affect that and you effect change.



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[-] 3 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 6 years ago

I Agree... nickm11.....

The only way to successfully take over a government... is to take over a government within it's own rules.....

We need to start electing new, honest & Real Statesman ... like the leading participators of the Occupations & the voicing Independents ... nationwide...

And we need to focus on.....

  • "Get the money out of politics" is #1 .... before anything else
  • "Give the People control" ... via a "People's Veto" is #2
  • "Give the People true & honest Voice" ... via "Direct Democracy" is #3
  • "Give the People economic opportunity which is not solely based on Greed" ... via a "Social Reserve Bank" is #4
[-] 3 points by bensdad (8977) 6 years ago

find the solution in document #1 on HR29 on our NYC OWS web site


[-] 2 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 6 years ago

Your observation of OWS is astute and I like your optimism.

There are a lot of would, could and should haves for OWS but nothing is perfect. And in any "organization/movement/cause" there are going to be differences on many things. IMO OWS suffered an onslaught of restrictive compromises, which has damaged the relevance and effectiveness of it. The damage is critical, but there is still hope. We have this great Forum for one good thing.

Money in politics has been a huge problem and CU has made it immeasurably worse. Move to Amend and several other campaigns and petitions have graced this board and are out there to end CU.

Exposing dirty Pols and their Sugar Daddies is a popular topic here, but I don't think Official Publications on specific politicians are possible due to restrictions, funds and an Official "partisan" and/or "political" sensitivity.

Throwing the tyranny of a greed-addled few in the 1% off of the 99% is what OWS was about. Effecting change through the workshops and other efforts are up to you.

[-] 0 points by itsmyblood (10) 6 years ago

you act like if people know the specifics it will change things. that is a pipe dream. the people just don't see another way. that is the true crisis.

[-] -2 points by Narley (272) 6 years ago

Occupy has not yet been embraced by the masses. Is that what you mean by failure? I say OWS is in its infancy. Still learning to walk. It learns a little more every day. It will morth, change and continue to grow. The biggest reason it will become a social force is because people are weary of the status quo.


[-] -1 points by frovikleka (2563) from Island Heights, NJ 6 years ago

I agree Narley, Occupy is in its infancy and it has struck a chord that resonates with people

Occupy is also constantly looking to what it can do better, and in a climate where sunny days are not in the forecast

It is only a matter of time


[-] -2 points by nickm11 (27) 6 years ago

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.