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Forum Post: OCCUPY EVOLUTION Should be at the Forefront of our Discussions | We Must Build on the Attention we Accomplished and Progress!

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 30, 2012, 11:17 a.m. EST by JIFFYSQUID92 (-994) from Portland, OR
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OCCUPY EVOLUTION Should be at the Forefront of our Discussions | We Must Build on the Attention we Accomplished and Progress!

Occupy camping got national attention! What else has done that since 9-11?

Occupy Movement evolution is essential. We must move on to the next step. We must capitalize on the attention. But we must keep a public movement going. So what do we do? Is there a plan? Does anybody know?

Some say we should clean up and attend congressional meetings. I think that would be fruitless until we have much more clout and respect. So as much as possible, we should end the Woodstock Reenactment scenes. They are loss leaders. Public perception is/should be Occupy's number one priority.


2012 Election: NO MORE CONs (GOP or DINO)

1.) Register everyone to vote. 2.) Work to get IREs (Instant Runoff Elections) in every major city. 3.) Support every local campaign to elect any candidate, and for any issue, the GOP/Cons is/are against. 4.) Make sure all encampments are orderly, personnel trained, loud and clear signs, American flags and speakers. 5.) Make sure Occupiers are trained, orderly and carry loud and clear signs and American flags. 6.) Work with Move-On to get out the vote. 7.) Reelect Obama with numerous progressive-liberal demands. 8.) Boot Republicons and DINOS/Blue Dogs out of Congress, state legislatures and Governorships.

General: (Now and Future)

1.) Repeal/negate/correct Citizens United.
2.) Work to get the money out of politics.
3.) Find and support new progressive-liberal candidates and issues.
4.) Keep the plight of the 99% in the public eye.
5.) Embrace and take action in the Class War.
6.) Work with and for organized labor. (Repeal Taft-Hartley) 
7.) Coordinate and unite all Occupy Movements.
8.) Provide information and classes for issues and tactics.
9.) Invite and welcome the general public.
10.) Make it impossible for a camera to take a picture of any Occupy act, event, office or camp that does not have loud and clear signs, banners and American flags.  (NO Woodstock scenes!)
11.) Work to increase civics education in schools on labor and civil rights.
12.) Work to reinstate fair and progressive taxation of the rich.
13.) Create coffeehouse internet cafes for national and international connections, meetings, networking and casual association/entertainment ~ featuring progressive/liberal candidates, campaigns, films, bands, speakers, comedians, etc.
14.) Prepare for next elections.
15.) R&D new party if Dems insist on Con status quo tendencies. 

(Format SNAFU, what do I do?)

More suggestions, ideas, etc. please.



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