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Forum Post: Occupy Everywhere!

Posted 6 years ago on March 4, 2012, 5:38 a.m. EST by struggleforfreedom80 (6584)
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Now, I have, like many others here I would think, watched Michael Moore´s movie "Capitalism - A Love Story". I think it´s the best he´s done so far; lots of important things were adressed in that movie. There was one thing though, that made an extra impression on me:

A family became homeless after the bank foreclosed on their home. But then something happened: the neighborhood got together and changed things around:


What a wonderful achievement!

And if a small neighborhood can chase away a banker and 9 police cars, just imagine what can be achieved with a huge, growing, world spreading Occupy movement.

Occupy Everywhere!



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[-] 3 points by GypsyKing (8719) 6 years ago

Wow, inspiring!

[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (22858) 6 years ago

Thanks for that great and moving video. Interestingly, I couldn't help think of how that would never happen in my town. In more upper-middle class towns people are hurting just as much but these situations (and I know of a few people in this position in my own town) are kept secret as much as possible because people are ashamed. It's really an interesting dynamic. And, the neighbors would never reach out to help. I've actually told two families I know that are close to the brink that they could come and live with me, and almost paid the property tax for one before they came up with the money, but they've been offered very little help, otherwise. It's the big "Shhhh" in my town.

[-] 1 points by struggleforfreedom80 (6584) 6 years ago

That´s one of the reasons we have to keep on growing and organizing :)

[-] 1 points by richardkentgates (3269) 6 years ago

This is why the gov is trying to slowly clamp down. They say democracy but aren't prepared for what that really means.