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Forum Post: Occupy Democracy with an Inked Finger VOTE!

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 24, 2011, 6:32 p.m. EST by gardenguy (27)
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Without a coherent voice, can we truly expect to be heard? Without a common consensus, are we too easy to mock and ignore? Would-be supporters wane, with sighs of uncertainty and frustration. Dubious demands arise (the truth about UFOs!) while others respond that collective demands are counter-productive at this time.

Without cement, foundations falter. Without cohesion, tribes fracture into factions. Are we content to squander our collective unity without focus? Do we risk splintering our strength, waiting and watching, until the machine infiltrates and hijacks our movement, supplanting its disguised voice over our own?

The time is ripe to magnetize our meaning. Let’s do so Democratically, with a series of grass roots, inked finger votes!

Develop straw-poll type ballots within the General Assembly. Distribute them online and on the ground. Ink the fingers of all who mobilize to participate in indigo or purple, to ensure none may vote more than once.

Get some solid numbers. Seek harmony and strive to develop a resonant voice.

Envision the mass image of a multitude of inked fingers raised together in solidarity and solution. Re-work the angry, black-fisted logo to hold high an indigo digit, and add a wrist-band to signify local Occupations while emphasizing the massive scale of our movement as it spans the Nation, and the Globe.

As winter approaches, threatening to drive our numbers indoors for shelter, maximize the continuing head-count by calling out the droves for bi-monthly votes.

Will the trolls turn out? Inevitably. But are we not the 99%?

Start it simple. How many support us? How many don't, or have yet to decide? What issues do we consider most important? What are our goals? Should we develop demands, or not?

Once we begin the conversation, the ensuing ballots will evolve on their own. With diligence, we the people can retain grasp of this, our movement. Safeguards can be developed to keep the corporatocracy out. Perhaps the inked finger vote will be supplanted by something stronger as we mature together, but now, in our infancy, doesn’t it feel like an appropriate place to start?

Thanks for listening, and if you like the concept, please pass it on!



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