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Forum Post: Occupy Annie's Corner - The Dirty Little Secret of Capitalism

Posted 6 years ago on May 1, 2012, 5:51 p.m. EST by annienomadcyberpoet (0) from Los Angeles, CA
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The Dirty Little Secret of Capitalism (Mayday! Mayday!)

The Dirty Little Secret of Capitalism - is that Profit Comes from Somewhere.

So, if you're the biggest, baddest Empire on the planet...guess what? You're the bad guy!

Why isn't this simple little fact widely known, or, at the very least, discussed? Because the biggest, baddest Empire on the planet always has a full-scale propaganda machine running over-time, and at full-tilt. Supplemented heavily by distraction - in the form of scandal, reality television, games and movies that neither illuminate, nor grow the Human, which we like to call Entertainment.

Every day, whether we call it Nationalism or Patriotism, Fighting Evil or National Security - chances are we're invading some country to bring them their "Gol' Darn Freedom"...while turning vulnerable people into slave labor and stealing their natural resources (with the help of a puppet government that we install in the name of "Stability").

This isn't the image we are given of ourselves. But with a camera in every corner of the globe we can no longer ignore the consequences of Capitalism. And it's not just us, we the gullible, or willfully blind citizens (we can't handle the truth, so we don't ask), but the ruling class...the Managers of our Destiny. Rich or poor, we must not continue to turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, or the destruction of our planet for capital gain.

Some have asked, "Why doesn't the United Nations step in and put a stop to all the violence that arises when people decide that they are Mad as Hell and aren't going to take it any more?"

Because the U.N. was created as a peaceful entity. They can not enforce Peace, because Peace can not be enforced.

Peace emerges when all parties and all people come to understand that Peace, and therefore Equality, accompanied by a cessation of greed, is the better way.

The Way....the Truth....and the Light...in fact.

Why do we let rulers (God lovers all, if they are to be believed) who can't even remember what they learned in their Sunday School classes, determine the fate of Humankind?

"God" would not approve of :

Creating corporations so that the People At The Top can suck all the resource out of a land and its people to live a life of luxury, and call it "investment".

Bankrupting a country then leaving holes in the border so that undocumented workers can cross-over to the "Land of Opportunity", only to be used for slave labor and vilified by their oppressors.

Destroying the only entities that fought, and even died, to protect workers from being treated in the same way as unprotected immigrants - the Unions - who are vilified by the press, and sadly, the very people who benefited from workers rights. Workers who received very comfortable compensation for their work, along with health insurance, a pension and a retirement portfolio are now the ones who condemn the young for standing up to the loss of those protections.

Creating a method of "education" where nothing is taught, critical thinking is silenced and higher education is a sentence of indentured servitude to the status quo, or face the cold-panic reality of being forced to work at jobs that can not sustain a family, let alone pay off their criminally-exorbitant student loans.

God would not approve.

Well, maybe the God of the Old Testament would approve, he loved sending people into already occupied lands and telling them to kill every man, woman and child because he had Promised them that Land.

But Jesus wouldn't approve. Nor would Gandhi, or Buddha, or Martin Luther King.

And not that it matters, but I also do not approve.

Profit Comes From Somewhere - it comes from oppression.

At least, that's the way it seems to me,




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[-] 0 points by XenuLives (1645) from Charlotte, NC 6 years ago

Nice post.