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Forum Post: OCC told morgagers to give free audits on homes foreclosed between 2009 - 2010

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 21, 2012, 12:01 p.m. EST by geo2seeit2 (39)
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Your home must have been foreclosed on or started to be forclosed between 2009-2010. i called for mine and since my servicer was LITTON LOAN who was sold to OCWEN bank They show no record of it. So, i called the OCC and they saw that the home was foreclosed on, and now they have sent me the audit forms. This is one way the banks HIDE the Fraud. Goldman Sells Litton Loan ( too many lost lawsuits )Back to ocwean, thus LITTON LOAN SERVICING does not make the audit list....Nice Here is the link to Florida Today!

“We need to make sure this is done right,” he says. Some companies may finish before others. Some may beat the timelines in their letters. Some deadlines may get longer, Hubbard says. The OCC says servicers should not wait until all reviews are done to compensate homeowners. While 4 million cases are eligible for reviews, consultants will sample only some for errors such as unlawful foreclosures and excessive fees. Borrowers who faced a foreclosure action on their primary home by one of the 14 servicers in 2009 or 2010 are eligible for reviews. Anyone eligible who asks for a review by the April 30 deadline will get one, the OCC says. More information, and names of participating servicers, is available at 888-952-9105. http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20120116/BUSINESS/301160007/1086/rss07/Foreclosure-reviews-take-longer-than-expected



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[-] 1 points by geo2seeit2 (39) 12 years ago

I hope this will help people with wrongful foreclosures suits. This is the Fraud that kills the middle-class that are in the dark. this news should be all over the place. But this also means that the BANKS are trying to SWEEP this info under the rug. This is why im the 99% This is why i feed those that march for me. this is why i go to CIVIL court to fight. The truth never runs, But stays still as a great big rock. We need to remember this as we march. we are mountains that are in motion with our own story to tell, we shall all flow together to cause notice of put on notice for the corrupt. IT IS WORKING. i might not get into a heavy debate but i love the ones that do. i do read and i do learn so much. Remember when we could not get TV coverage? Now OWC has commercials made to make you believe that protesting is ok. and it is, BUT dont you see, we are now accepted as MAINSTREAM. keep it going and dont be afraid to ask for help. for god will help you through those turbulent times. remember, change meets resistance head on. and perception IS reality. BANKS, Wall Street, Investors that are breaking the rules are looking over their shoulder. POOR IT ON!!!

[-] 0 points by wigger (-48) 12 years ago

So you nail a few overworked mortgage brokers, you still won't touch the banks. In order to get to the banks you would have to prove that submitting bad paperwork was the POLICY of the bank, guess what, submitting faulty/fraudulent paperwork is AGAINST the policy of all banks.

At most, you could cause problems for individual branch managers or lower, 99%ers like yourselves and if they did falsify paperwork the bank NO LONGER HAS TO EVEN PAY THEIR LEGAL BILLS because the individual committed fraud, not the bank.

I realize none of this makes any difference to you because it'll just feel so good to nail anybody. If it did make any difference to you you wouldn't be on this site posting silly shit like this.