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Forum Post: Objectives for OWS and (OKS) - Occupy "K" Street

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 31, 2011, 2:01 p.m. EST by Maxx (8)
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Corporations are organizations without conscious that have the sole purpose of increasing profit – and that’s a good thing in general. Corporation cannot/ should not compromise that goal for ANY reason. They need to focus on next quarter’s profit or perish; forget the social consequences, future generations, or the environment. They need to stay true to their shareholders without breaking the law. Manipulation of the rules that govern corporation is one of the best ways to increase profit. Corporate laws are weak or not enforced. Its no longer a government “by the people for the people”, but moving ever closer to the golden rule “he who has the gold, makes the rules”. We need to stop the corporations from manipulating the gov’t laws - that is the root of all the issues that have come to pass. So what all 99'rs need to agree on is something like this: A) Laws to stop Corporate Donations to Politicians. B) Laws to stop Corporate Lobbying (Occupy “K” street - where the Lobbyists live). C) Reverse legislation that gave Corporations the same rights as human beings (they are in-humane by nature)



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