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Forum Post: obey your evil masters-obey to coerce

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 1:43 p.m. EST by CatRamtSitarnasswip (1)
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a conspiracy is coercision to obey laws of ill,as edweard coke said bad laws don't exist they get struck down,peoples protection,,if they remove you its capture not liberty,capture is the mark of a slave despotic state even many philosphers agreed on this and law makers-its pure dark dominion over men,control,power,capture,not liberty,,,,,,,the constution is supoosed to be and all laws formed around negative law liberty not capture,natural law,the whole things fake and illegal...........and the laws too..if they capture you they break unalienabale rights,,,you are an alienable illegal thing fact..........i looked up facts on law the only real law i found was around 1630-1640's voilence is justified if government unjust-from johne locke,it basically means if people are unjust to you,you can be voilent,but on the other hand the police can still protect the innocent to..........................there main focus must be unjust men only......99% of todays laws are pure trash not real only this law is real..



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