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Forum Post: Obamacare Is Heritage Concept: Paul Krugman

Posted 4 years ago on Jan. 4, 2014, 8:43 a.m. EST by AlwaysIntoSomething (42)
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More fascist partnerships between the gov and the mega corps.

Can't wait to see what the next Republican administration does with their new found power to force us into anything they want.

And don't give me the "well thats why we have to keep em out of power!!" garbage. Of course they will be back. Divide and conquer depends on it. The people that run this system don't care what letter is on the end of someone's name, as long as the American people are constantly feeling like they are thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to "getting their way" next time.

If something is so sketchy that not allowing anyone else that power is major concern, its probably a pretty fucked up situation.

Federally mandated corporate purchases. Welcome to the new America.

PS- No preexisting conditions and simply raising medicaid levels to the national average income would have been much easier, and could have been passed in about 2 days if these slimes really wanted real access.



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