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Forum Post: Obama hits up Wall Street for campaign funds

Posted 6 years ago on March 6, 2012, 7:30 a.m. EST by foolend (12)
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The more we keep on going back and forth at each other then the more all of these goons "both sides" continue to screw all of us




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[-] 2 points by bobjr508atyahoocom (22) from Nantucket, MA 6 years ago

.im afraid though, i may be voting for him again because he is better than bush. he is also the best one running. the republican party is full of Mitt.

[-] 1 points by bobjr508atyahoocom (22) from Nantucket, MA 6 years ago

I think after all the bailouts...wall street is going to be his ONLY contributor. That is, if he doesn't get off his black ass and fix the economy.

[-] 0 points by foolend (12) 6 years ago

He has run out of time and golfing, parties at the White House, and all the vacations with his family were a higher priority then trying to do anything to the economy. Even about all of his "green" projects are dead, along with the "car of the year" chevy volt

[-] 0 points by FreeDiscussion5 (12) 6 years ago

What? No,,,, obama would NEVER take Wall Street money. He is FOR YOU GUYS. If OWS got rid of Wall Street where will the democrats go for their money?

[-] 1 points by foolend (12) 6 years ago

Take a look at the link I have provided for this post, Obama took money from Wall Street