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Forum Post: Obama Harvard

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 21, 2011, 9:05 a.m. EST by danmi (66)
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Where is his college transcripts and why is it, no one has ever come forward that was in any of his classes, not even a teacher. This assClown is a fraud.



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[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 12 years ago

Please don't tell me you're a birther.

Here's some real reasons Obama is a fraud.

Wall Street's takeover of the Obama administration is now complete. "The mega-banks and their corporate allies control every economic policy position of consequence. Mr. Obama has moved rapidly since the November debacle to install business people where it counts most. Mr.William Daley from JP Morgan Chase as White House Chief of Staff. Mr. Gene Sperling from the Goldman Sachs payroll to be director of the National Economic Council. Eileen Rominger from Goldman Sachs named director of the SEC's Investment Management division. Even the National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon, was executive vice president for law and policy at the disgraced Fannie Mae after serving as a corporate lobbyist with O'Melveny & Roberts. The keystone of the business friendly team was put in place on Friday. General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt will serve as chair of the president's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness."


He's bombed more countries than Bush. Countries like Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan... etc

He extended the Bush tax cuts.


He never actually closed guantanamo bay.


He lied about ending the wars in Iraq and the current withdrawal was scheduled by the Bush administration. And there is a billion dollar military base in Iraq and I guarantee you that it aint empty.



He supported the bailouts of banking institutions that are extracting wealth from our country and stealing people's pensions and homes. The bailout money was used by the federal reserve to create 7.7 trillion dollars out of thin air, and Obama has yet to do anything about it.


He also supported the patriot act, which essentially deletes the 4th amendment.


He's started unconstitutional acts of war against Libya, which he spoke out against when Bush did that to Iraq.


Obama signed for the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial into law under provisions of the NDAA and "designates the world as the battlefield and that includes the homeland." -quote senator Lindsey Graham who supported the bill and argued in it's favor.



"The killing of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and the threats posed by al Qaeda cells in Yemen and Africa underscore the evolving and continuing nature of the terrorist threat to the United States. The Conference Report ensures the United States will have the ability to meet this threat and neutralize terrorists from these groups and conduct effective interrogations."


List of terrorist organizations our country could start war with and the countries they're in.


"This [the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011] designates the WORLD as the battlefield... and that includes the homeland."


Next stop Africa and Yemen!!! Maybe Iran or Syria next? Fulfill that cold war with some Operation Northwoods and go to war with Russia? Who knows? It's the government. It's a threat to national security to tell you the truth all the time.Maybe China a few years from now?




“We suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of believers by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity.” -Cass R Sunstein, Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration.

Oh and don't forget about this Hour long presentation in congress about Al Qaeda members being the Libyan rebels, as well as extremists, rapists, and murderers.


In case any of you don't like the first video because it's a republican here is super Liberal Dennis Kucinich railing against Al Qaeda in the rebels as well.


And here is an article on the Libyan rebel leader admitting to having a bunch of Al Qaeda members in his "rebellion" which is actually just terrorism.


And to all the remaining Obama fans, please don't try and accuse me of being in favor of Newt Gingrich or tell me some bullshit about McCain Palin. My criticism for Obama is simply based around facts and in no way means I support a GOP agenda. Obama is a fraud and so is Newt Gingrich

[-] 0 points by ubercaput (175) from New York City, NY 12 years ago

McCain would have been worse

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 12 years ago

I really dont see how. i though so too, but this guy is such a disaster I almost wouldnt mind giving mccain a shot right now

[-] 1 points by ubercaput (175) from New York City, NY 12 years ago

I know some of the people who worked with his election campaign. A few had to leave because of the scandal. DCI is the worst of the lobby.

[-] 2 points by aries (463) from Nutley, NJ 12 years ago

he's the Manchurian candidate. there are no transcripts, there is no birth certificate, there are no former girlfriends. He just appeared out of nowhere!

[-] 2 points by danmi (66) 12 years ago

Apparently his golfing buddy (the one that was in jail for a while) claims to have known Obama from childhood. But give someone a few bucks and they will say about anything. Obama is a fraud

[-] 1 points by smartenough (42) 12 years ago

http://www.instantcheckmate.com/ to view criminal records in seconds

[-] 1 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 12 years ago

another birther

there are fools everywhere.

they breed like rats

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 12 years ago

Has any professor or classmate come forward? Any documentation of Harvard's Magne Cum Laude to be found anyhwhere? I don't know and haven't been able to find it. Has anyone else?

Interesting is to compare other Magne Cum Laude's, from Ivy League Schools, tracks on the internet.

Show it if you've got it, I'd like to see and I'd certainly like to believe the allegations of that being a total sham, as being untrue.

[-] 1 points by danmi (66) 12 years ago

I have looked every where and so have countless of other people but there is nothing on him. No professors, classmates or anyone has ever come forward that knew him. He just came out of nowhere and became the Pres

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 12 years ago

That has been the results of my extensive searching, not so much as a televised blurb, mention in any published media........ notta...... zilch.

I'm open minded, but, it gives me goose bumps to fathom and ponder the implications.

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 12 years ago

The only thing I've found is he allgedly graduated from harvard in 1991. The alumni site's date search-abilty feature does not go back that far. No mention of Magne Cum Laude to be found there.

That is bothersome, my graduations, from years prior are videoed and easily found.

[-] 1 points by danmi (66) 12 years ago

same here

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 12 years ago

What I did find, with a bit more hammering away, is that with his 15% affirmative action "bonus" at Harvard, he graduated in the 50th percentile.

That is on Harvard's Alumni site, so, I guess he did go although 50th percentile is far from Magne Cum Laude.

[-] 1 points by danmi (66) 12 years ago

I found on one site a long time ago and several others that a Saudi prince gave Harvard 20 million dollars to get Obama a diploma. How true or untrue it is, I do not know. Still seems strange that no classmates have ever came forward that knew him. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2445630/posts

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 12 years ago

Even more amazing is how one can whip right through Harvard, almost completely unknown by any other attending, in less than 3 years.

However, the office of the president only pays 400,000 per year.

[-] 0 points by danmi (66) 12 years ago

Yes a lot of things just are not adding up. I am no birth-er but as far as his college is concerned, I have been digging into that since around the latter part of 2009. I know even Donald Trump has mentioned it before in the past about Obama ever really attending college.

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 12 years ago

I saw him not do it or I didn't see him do it.

That's where the rubber appears to be hitting the road.

I'd say the paper was bought with middle eastern oil money.

[-] 0 points by danmi (66) 12 years ago

The clown seems to come from "nowhere" and becomes the Pres. Another thing I found interesting is that a few of the universities that Obama attended, and if there were any religious symbols around then they would have to be covered up. Here is one source but if you google it, it's all over the place http://cwnewz.com/content/view/711/2/

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 12 years ago

Now this is making more sense, 20 million bucks and a 50th percentile Magne Cum Laude, my guess is attendance is optional when there is 20 million paying your tuition.

However, behold Obamablinded fools, "Even if Obama didn't study at Harvard it wouldn't matter. "

You can't reason with droids like that.

[-] 0 points by bensdad (8977) 12 years ago

danmi is not a birther - danmi was hatched
H E R E S.......D A N M I.....

[-] 0 points by buik3 (12) 12 years ago

i, for one, certainly do not give a fuck

[-] -1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 12 years ago

Another lame conspiracy theory. Even if Obama didn't study at Harvard it wouldn't matter. This a logical fallacy: appeal to authority.

[-] -1 points by necropaulis (491) 12 years ago
  1. Because they don't have to prove anything to you or anyone else.
  2. Where are your transcripts, assclown??
[-] -3 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 12 years ago

Another lame conspiracy theory. Even if Obama didn't study at Harvard it wouldn't matter. This a logical fallacy: appeal to authority.