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Forum Post: Obama does a 180 on Citizens United; urges superpac

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 7, 2012, 11:25 a.m. EST by SonOfDoomFook (-1)
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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's re-election campaign is asking top fundraisers to support a Democratic-leaning outside group that is backing his bid for a second term, reversing Obama's opposition to "super" political action committees that can spend unlimited amounts of cash to influence elections.




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[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 6 years ago

well... the honorable thing would be to refuse the money... but it would also be the stupid thing to do....

I'll bet Obama would refuse the money if the GOP did the same... what do you think ?

[-] 1 points by asauti (-113) from Port Orchard, WA 6 years ago

Of course he did a 180 - that's the story of the "campaign-turned-presidency".

The American people believed in his words, but there was a virtually non-existent voting record to double-check against.

The elite used Obama to play the masses "like a grand piano".

[-] 1 points by rayl (1007) 6 years ago

politicians do this kind of shit, get rid of them!!!

[-] 1 points by nucleus (3291) 6 years ago

BO choose money long ago, when he picked politics as a career.

[-] 0 points by beautifulworld (22863) 6 years ago

I guess he wants to win, duh.

[-] 2 points by LetsGetReal (1420) from Grants, NM 6 years ago

At any cost.

[-] 0 points by DKAtoday (33490) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 years ago

Campaign finance reform can not happen one individual at a time, that is a silly proposition. It has to happen all at once and take immediate effect to all concerned to work.

This will not happen in the middle of a campaign. Though lobbying ( petitioning ) can be pursued to set-up the necessary ground work and attract support. When the current election process is over is when the new rules can be em placed and enforced.

Legislation can move forward during a campaign and enacted as well. Remembering it will not go into affect during the current campaign.

This is where we must focus our attention. Campaign for finance reform, gather supporters and lobby/petition government to start addressing the issue now. Pressure for action to be taken ASAP.


[-] 2 points by SparkyJP (1646) from Westminster, MD 6 years ago

YES - He does but he chose the money! That's change I cannot believe in.


[-] 1 points by LetsGetReal (1420) from Grants, NM 6 years ago


[-] -1 points by ARod1993 (2420) 6 years ago

Honestly, this is what we should have been doing once we started collecting donations in large quantities. Money talks (at least until and unless we can do something about Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo, which is going to take a while, to say the least) and while individually we're barely a peep as an aggregate we can do a hell of a lot of things. SuperPACs are easy enough to create that one of the guys in my dorm is giving one to a friend of his as a birthday present, and if I remember correctly, at some point we had somewhere around $700,000 floating around as an aggregate organization. That would have been more than enough to start courting politicians and forcing change with.

[-] -2 points by HitGirl (2263) 6 years ago

Saying Obama is doing a 180 on Citizens United is just misleading, but misinforming Americans seems to be what Republicans do best. Considering what Mitt's well-financed superpacs did to Newt Gingrich, it only makes sense that Obama is defending himself.

"Campaign officials say they couldn't "unilaterally disarm" in the face of hundreds of millions of dollars expected to be raised by Republican outside groups."