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Forum Post: Obama Breaks No Tax Increase Pledge

Posted 8 years ago on June 30, 2012, 10:12 p.m. EST by Growup6 (-125)
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Obamacare is set to further load healthcare insurance policies with new mandates for no co-pay "preventive" care. The more policies are forced to cover the more they'll cost, pretty simple stuff if you like to use reason. Free is never free and thinking it is just drive costs higher. So, everyone (unless you're on the tit) is made to pay more by mandate. That's a tax.

Obamacare jams young people even harder. They have to buy it, that's the mandate. Not only are they made to buy policies that will now get even more expensive, Obamacare caps the difference in premiums allowed by age. So, Obama is forcing young people to buy-down the costs for older people. Like the Supreme Court noted, it's a tax. He won't tax them out in the open, but he just did in the premium structure.

Obama's entitlement program expands the Medicaid program by about 50%. So, he's forcing cost increases on the states which will then in turn have to raise the money in taxes. So, there's another Obama tax increase that he said he'd never make.



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