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Forum Post: Nothing is going to change as long as interest groups are allowed to operate behind the scenes without any transparency.

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 6, 2012, 12:48 p.m. EST by 99PercentFriendly (31)
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There is no difference between a dictatorial system where the wishes of one person is forced on everyone else and a democratic system that has been hijacked by interest groups. In both cases the interest and agendas of a few are put above of that which serves the people.

Interest groups gain undue influence over a democratic system by manipulating the decision making and legislative processes at the top through their lobbying machines and by controlling the masses through the media at large or directly at the community level.

Although in a democratic system the interest groups have the right to pursue their interests and agendas like everyone else, but what makes this undemocratic is the fact that they are allowed to operate behind the scenes without any transparency.

In a smaller scale this forum itself represents an originally democratic system that seems to have now been hijacked by an interest group which is manipulating and controlling this environment through a few operatives in order to advance its own agenda. (Hence the few forum bullies who seem to have the forum approval to stifle free speech whenever they wish and to ridicule, belittle, and otherwise attack anyone who does not fit within their agenda).




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