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Forum Post: Not My Problem if I'm "Far Away"--Only Sociopaths Knock Down All Walls

Posted 2 years ago on July 17, 2020, 7:44 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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It's common for the ones far away from a disease's origin to be complacent but in our modern jet age, the Dutch got too close to Pootin's little-dicky inferiority complex and died with the streaks of white toilet tissue paper falling from the blue blue sky. Germany too, will learn its lesson about the Communist Party of China in the hard way as Japan, Taiwan, and the U.S. have already done by having tried 》Wandel durch Handel《 before and failed miserably. What's Germany doing which is different from what the others have done? It's Germany's turn to succeed wildly at business and fail miserably in business by losing control of its technologies and accumulated profits. Naïve Germany is no match going against the Communist Party of China when it imposes capital control. Even the U.S. couldn't get it to live up to its agreements. That's why it had to go to the next level of destruction which everyone had already expected--as the Maniacal Artist forges creation from the destruction to form the Moon, the fast spin, the extra large molten core, tectonic plates/movement, and the geomagnetic field to protect Earth from being solar-wind-fried-dry ( solar wind decomposes ionospheric water vapor; the lighter parts escape into outer space ) to make it endure "forever" via a larger angular momentum.

I'm so glad that Trump is taking up the cause! Trump 2020 !

Of course, Trump 2040 would be better for following through to finish the job when Pootin defects to the Black Sea before 2036 but the rendézvous with destiny has already begun.

Note the red and yellow colors of this flag of the Communist Party of China. Here's how the colors are correlated with psychological traits of the special people. "[E]xtroverted people prefer red, conceited people are fond of yellow, and aggressive people also prefer red." I was suspecting previously that people who drive white-colored cars often have an attitude issue so it wasn't far off the mark from "white preference correlated negatively with Sociability."



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Be it Boris shit or Bovine ( in a China shop ) shit, it's really about every breath you take.

  1. We're largely the same on the genetic level ( except for the X and Y chromosomes between males and females--Y has some very potent genes in palindromic sequences for redundancy; even a tiny toadstool can pack quite a punch.) There's no such thing as an Asian virus or an African virus which cannot infect a European or an American.
  2. We're indeed often different on the cultural level. We heard different stories when we grew up so we all have somewhat different fears ( such as "Americans are evil"; some U.S. corporations in FIRE sector indeed are but they don't represent the American people; many countries have a similar problem with an oppressive minority in power or a brainwashed majority horde who have no self doubt { Science is superior to Religions for its central embodiment of Forever Skepticism; scientists are excited and motivated to do verification by the news of the violations of existing dogma but many religions seek to suppress that news instead;} I think that the countries with deep Christian cultural beliefs and ethics have better chances of becoming happy countries, simply because in Christianity, God the Almighty became flesh to save and tend the lost "sheep" and Christians who thus believed vowed to look up to service as a higher calling arising from their faith ) and wants. We often follow different habits. I'm very afraid of diseases because I can see its pruning effects upon my own and other people's ( perhaps Colorado-miner families' or of people who were or had just been on a cross-country trek during the 1918 flu epidemic, as recorded on a high windswept mountaintop ) lineages. The more fearful something is, the more one must keep an eye upon it, despite the unpleasantness. It's for keeping the subconscious mind ( there IS such a thing as snoozing to great breakthroughs ! ) well fed and thinking up quick and effective responses.
  3. Cultural changes can be made very consciously once one knows exactly what to do. I can decide to wear a mask in public in one second, and implement it within hours or days. I cannot make SARS-CoV-2 geno-immuno-mutation(s) until a vaccine comes out of its pipeline which will at least be months away. Meanwhile, I can try to minimize my disease chances. Another example is in dining with companions who have dietary restrictions/preferences. With vegetarians, I go vegetarian. With chicken eaters, I eat chicken, etc. to minimize the potential uneasiness of the companions. I did have some limits though, such as not eating snakes but fake snakes such as eels aren't exempt from my eating them ( my Big Brother once paid me half-a-day's wage of Dad to entice me to break my taboo against eating snakes stemming from my having seen and mistaken the snake-like live eels Mom had bought: "eels are delicious fish, not snakes;" I got a big payoff in addition to having eaten my Big Brother's eel stew--it was quite a good deal, far better than his kumquat offer which might actually be a very good thing because of what I learnt about citrus fruits: I can put sugar to make orange rind taste a bit more like kumquat peel because I observed that my Big Brother didn't drop dead after having eaten the kumquat peel so the far more common orange rind was likely edible.)

Soon the slow-learning leaders will be taught the obvious-to-most-who-touch-reality answer to the question, "Can't we have a healthy economy without public health?"

The King-flu pandemic isn't something which Donald Trump can say, "You are fired !" to, and it obediently go to the unemployment line to collect Trumpcare ( not a Medicare-for-all.) Auctions for people's lives will probably commence shortly due to our governments' being "run like a business." At the tail of the comet Neowise is the Draco-spaceship COVID-19 specially prepared for the self-styled nimrods to take their souls to the next higher level in the heavens where they belong, probably with their heavenly fathers/masters ( as projected based upon the analogous power relations and genomic records of the U.S. [¿Negress?]Black/African slaves' illicit sexual couplings with their likely White-male masters.)