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Forum Post: Non-governmental forms of compulsion of Wall Street--the inside track

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 17, 2012, 5:25 p.m. EST by Anodyne (0)
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As it stands, we see the dismantling of any checks and balances what with the watering down of Unions and government regulation.

So how might folks of the Left use this situation agaisnt the foes of regulation. First, it is good to see Engineers posting here. Hackers like Anonymous have been using the blunt instruments--but inceased sophistication is needed. I was struck with a thought. Some older Wall Streeters who may be dying might want to leave a legacy.

I think it would be wise to find them to see if something like default swaps might be used with an Occupy-led reverse-Madoff operation to have a shell corpoaration buy up all of those bank -owned student loans and delete the personal information so as to use lack of regulation as itself a force of compulsion.

Websites like www.buythissatellite.com promise free data for our friends south of the border. One of the companies who made money off the big short was magnetar--so at least one force in Wall street has some interest in spaceflight. Frankly, I wouldn't hate wall street if folks like Musk or Branson ran it--so here is a thought.

Have Occupy reach out to Musk--and raise money to provide something like a Falcon launched free data system if rates are not cut and wages not raised.

A threat to wreck profits of the telecom industry coming from inside the business world would allow attacks on unbridled capitalism to be done on the inside.

Thus republicans trying to halt this would back--regulations, protectionism, etc and go back on their script--opening themselves up as hypocrites.

Many security firms low-ball each other, so some security firms can be formed from whole cloth.

Other idea?



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