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Forum Post: No Wonder We Have No Economy When The Corporations Are Hoarding 3 Trillion Dollars

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 12, 2011, 5:41 p.m. EST by thefly (36)
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You want to know what this is called? Starving us out plain and simple I Keep Telling people over and over again The corporations who are feeding the Govt Don't See us as Economically Viable to their Agenda You want to know what will happen? Eventually there will be a run on the banks and they will freeze all accts and personal assets Then the govt will own your ass totally!! You think you've been sold out now But wait till you have not one dime left Then you'll be Owned What will happen next? They will start herding us like in the movie Soylent Green Those whom are over 55 years of age will be Exterminated Those under 55 years of age will be put into FEMA slave labor facility work camps Those who resist will be killed You think I'm hallucinating? No I'm not We have already lost the Constitution Next will be the Declaration Of Independence cause were not Independant anymore We are and will be dependent on the govt to feed clothe and shelter us The FEMA Camps will be your Next address This is the scenario which is being planned for you and me Once they have eliminated all opposing threats then the New World Order will take place One thing is For Certain None of us will see the good ole days again of Individual Prosperity



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[-] 1 points by aahpat (1407) 12 years ago

Corporations need to shift from only caring about quarter to quarter short term capital gains to a respect for long term growth. The corporations will continue to see diminishing demand in their greatest and most profitable market, the U.S., as long as they refuse to invest in the long term growth of America's middle-class consumer base.

Henry Ford saw this and paid his workers a middle class wage to grow both his product's demand and the national economy that he depended on. Intel understands this and has most of their engineering workforce in America. Intel also has multi billion dollar venture capital funds they run that specifically look for ways to grow America's economy.

Wall Street forces corporations to look only to the next quarterly profit loss statement and ignore the long term growth of their market. This predatory libertarian attitude has prevailed in America's business schools only since the 1980's. It must be confronted because it is ruining America. MBA's are wrecking America's economy for short term profit.

[-] 1 points by rbe (687) 12 years ago

Corporations are holding onto that cash because there's no reason to increase human labor. The demand for human labor is declining. Check these links for better explanation:




[-] 1 points by thefly (36) 12 years ago

People Need Work To eat What are you smoking??

[-] 1 points by aahpat (1407) 12 years ago

This is part of why our government is broke. These corporations refuse to pay taxes.

After 26 years as an Apple user, when I needed a new computer this year, I bought a PC because I was fed up with Apple's predatory practices of hoarding more than $80 BILLION outside the U.S. and their using Chinese child and slave labor to make their machines. Apple is as un-American as Chinas fascistic predatory communism.

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 12 years ago

They don't refuse to pay taxes. They just don't have to under the current system. Do you pay more taxes than you legally have to? How can you blame them?

The system needs to change and to do that, money needs to be taken out of politics. A lot of these problems will take care of themselves if money is removed from politics. That should be the one, and only, thing that OWS strives for because it is simple to understand, a large majority of the population would support it, and once accomplished would lead to a lot of the other problems being taken care of.

[-] 1 points by aahpat (1407) 12 years ago

That is simply not true. If they bring offshore money gained selling products made in America back to America they would have to pay taxes. So they refuse to bring the money back which is evading taxes.

I agree that money needs to be taken out of politics. but that is not happening as long as those who benefit from the current corruption are still in power. We need to pick some of them and target them for removal. Make the point that the money will not protect their incumbency any longer.

A lot of folks don't understand that the money only buys the politicians a winning margin, not the election. They depend on the money to dissuade people from opposing the politician. If they can disaffect and dissuade enough people the money then buys enough votes to win. If enough of us get angry and focused enough we can neutralize and overwhelm the winning margin that money provides. That takes passion, focus and dedication to change the system as it stands rather than allowing ourselves to be distracted with pie in the sky efforts to change the entire massive mess of the electoral and political system.

Here is a state by state list of the current members of congress who voted in 1999 to repeal Glass-Steagall. In all but five or six states there are n more than half a dozen in each state and a concerted effort in each state could kick them all out. Or a lot of them.

The Congress that Crashed America http://home.ptd.net/~aahpat/aandc/congcrash.html

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 12 years ago

I don't believe that it is illegal though.

[-] 1 points by NortonSound (176) 12 years ago

OK now take a breath, it's still an economic system that still depends on supply and demand. Sure the bought-off politicians are more than willing to take the cash some evil corp's are waving in their faces, but as they hoard money, inflation marches on, and time as well. The government is there to protect us from the possibility of bought-off politcians through the division of powers, the military and the fact that they employ very educated people. The loss of regulations is the fantasy that corporate leaders wish for in their daydreams. But they will never get it because that would mean the loss of the nation's largest employer, the gov't. But, that certainly is the dream of some evil corps,, espeiclally the ones who belive that politicians they pay off will actually remember to do their bidding. Another way to say this is that talk is cheap, and there's a fool corporation born every day. Survival of those who adapt, not the fittest or the strongest. The strong often make the mistake of thinking that being powerful will carry them, when it is flexability and seeing employees today as customers tomorrow, because capitalism is merely a means of exchange, paper money for solid goods and services. That's it, because carrots and rutabegas don't last too long, and gold is too heavy to carry around. Hoard all the paper money, and we will just print more. Hire more people and spend more on capital improvements, and free up those stagnant trillions, and the fed will just retire old dollars. This is not rocket science.

[-] 1 points by thefly (36) 12 years ago

You want to avoid the truth here like I say people are suffering Big time where I live in california They are losing homes jobs we are in the herding phases what is a herding phase? Simple You take everything away from everyone Then people need to depend on neighbors. friends. family to get by Then people start trusting strangers on the corner for help All individual beliefs and ways are worthless at this point Then we are herded closely and Slaughtered!! Keep trusting your govt Your wasting your time and energy

[-] 1 points by NortonSound (176) 12 years ago

Well that movie script is popular, too, and it always turns out that way in the movies. But in real life the penalty for trusting a huge corporation to fulfil one's life's comfort is huge. But out of that huge suffering will come new companies that tomorrow will be huge corporations and the cycle will renew, certainly with huge swings, because huge mistakes have been made. Around the 1970's ceo's felt forced to deliver huge profits even if that meant threatening the viability of the corporatioin. But, somewhere tooling around in their garages were people like Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Fred G Meyer who today employ hundreds of thousands, and some of those companies are getting too big for their britches. But before they burst onto the scene in their later years, you will note, they were starving artists pushed on by a desire to find opportunity. No suffering, no painful transitiion to a smoother money flow. We are alwyays forced by the brink to build a fence. There are builders on the scene, and they will replace the creaky old employers who have lost interest in hard work, and just want to wallow in their treasure.

[-] 1 points by PublicCurrency (1387) 12 years ago

AB750 California’s bill to study the feasibility of establishing a state-owned bank that would receive deposits of state funds, has passed both houses of the legislature and is now on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown awaiting his signature.


It could be the governor’s chance to restore the state to its former glory.

A state-owned bank can provide that opportunity. North Dakota, the one state that currently has its own bank, is the only state to be in continuous budget surplus since the banking crisis began. North Dakota’s balance sheet is so strong that it recently reduced individual income taxes and property taxes by a combined $400 million and is debating further cuts. It also has the lowest unemployment rate, lowest foreclosure rate and lowest credit card default rate in the country, and it hasn’t had a bank failure in at least the last decade.

Revenues from the Bank of North Dakota (BND) have been a major boost to the state budget. The bank has contributed over $300 million in revenues over the last decade to state coffers, a substantial sum for a state with a population less than one-tenth the size of Los Angeles County. North Dakota is an oil state, but according to a study by the Center for State Innovation, from 2007 to 2009 the BND added nearly as much money to the state’s general fund as oil and gas tax revenues did. Over a 15-year period, according to other data, the BND has contributed more to the state budget than oil taxes have.



[-] 0 points by VladimirMayakovsky (796) 12 years ago

Why would corporations invest given that there is no demand?

[-] 1 points by NortonSound (176) 12 years ago

There are thousands of corporations, some big, some small, some getting bigger, some getting smaller, some on their last breath, some being revived, some wanting deregulation, some wanting more regulation, they are as different as a fingerprint, but the ones with apocolyptic thinking leaders, ceo's or boards are often the squeeky wheels that want you to believe they call all the shots. The truth is no one corp does. During the depths of the Great Depression, certain sectors survived because companies found their markets, sold to the hundreds of thousands who were not poor and sold them their goods. The fantasy that a business or a job is a route to get rich happens in fiction and the movies like clockwork, but a real business person will tell you that it's just a means to keep bouyant in an ever-changing world, and it is much better than starving, and working for some one else's dream. Why would corporations invest given that there's no demand? Well I just filled my gas tank, and will have demand for that, windshield wiper fluid, new tires, and new shoes for the kids pretty soon. There's demand, it's just that those who are satisfied with the reality of capitalism and view it as a means of exchange have no reason to squeek, those who demand unrealistic domination of the money supply and market share see the world as never living up to their expectations, and those are unfortunately the noisiest voices we hear today. It's a fantastic time to start or grow a business, becuse real estate and empty factory space is going for nuthin' right now. Get with it and write a business plan based on having it your way and serving a true market need, with the realizatiion that getting rich is a subjective thing, and that running a successful company is an objective and obtainable goal. All my best.

[-] 1 points by thefly (36) 12 years ago

You know how to read??

[-] 1 points by NortonSound (176) 12 years ago

Yes, we may lose our homes,we may lose our comfort, we may be put out on the street, we may go without and be pushed beyond the brink, we may have to move to another region, we may have to move to another country, we may have to oursource ourselves, we may have to start small and work our way back up, but we will know the pattern better, and recognize the short-term philosopy of greed when we see it next time, and we, as a community will find it much easier to shun those companies, and they are already finding it harder to attract viable employees, because we know they are run by idiots who can not see the big picture. Yes, the harm to real people like us is unbelievable, but we will never make that mistake again, even if we have to sleep under the stairs and form our own corporations. We can still go from rags to niches in this country, from rags to niches. Now you go prosper, because it does not take money, it takes hard work and the money will follow soon 'nuf. Look at the poor imigrant who comes to our economy starving, the ones that make it here work like dogs, because they just want a place where they can be free of abuse and intolerance, and they really know what an impoverished land is like, where you can't even find a pay phone or a public restroom. You go and prosper despite it all.