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Forum Post: No war in Iran. A little history

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 4, 2012, 2:19 p.m. EST by abin22 (15)
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By spring of 1953, incoming US President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorised the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to organise a coup against the Mossadeq government with support from the British government.[23] On 19 August 1953, Mossadeq was forced from office by the CIA conspiracy, involving the Shah and the Iranian military, and known by its codename, Operation Ajax.[23] Mossadeq was replaced by pro-Western general Fazlollah Zahedi[24] and the Shah, who returned to Iran after having left the country briefly to await the outcome of the coup. The Shah abolished the democratic Constitution and assumed autocratic powers. After the coup, Mossadeq's National Iranian Oil Company became an international consortium, and AIOC resumed operations in Iran as a member of it.[21] The consortium agreed to share profits on a 50–50 basis with Iran, "but not to open its books to Iranian auditors or to allow Iranians onto its board of directors."[25] AIOC, as a part of the Anglo-American coup d'état deal, was not allowed to monopolise Iranian oil as before. It was limited to a 40% share in a new international consortium. For the rest, 40% went to the five major American companies and 20% went to Royal Dutch Shell and Compagnie Française des Pétroles, now Total S.A..[26]



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[-] 2 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

damn, that's grim

I hope we don't except this history is fair procedure

[-] 1 points by MonetizingDiscontent (1257) 6 years ago

USA, Hundreds of APC`s on a Train in Watsonville, CA south of Santa Cruz, Heading South

(((Video))): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZStjcykl0QQ&feature=player_embedded

-Uploaded Jan 22, 2012-

"Are we going to war ?"

[-] 1 points by MonetizingDiscontent (1257) 6 years ago

::::::::::::::: No Conflict with Iran :::::::::::::::

(((Send a letter to Congress Here))): https://secure.downsizedc.org/etp/iran-non-intervention/

The current conflict with Iran should be viewed in the light of history, and opposed for that reason. Remember . . .

The politicians told us we had to invade Iraq to protect ourselves from weapons of mass destruction, but there were NO weapons of mass destruction. The Downsize DC team actually predicted that outcome with our Truth About War campaign. Now . . .

The politicians are using "weapons of mass destruction" as an argument for conflict with a new country, Iran. Will people trust the politicians again, or learn from experience?

Citizens should maintain the following default positions when it comes to politicians and their claims about national defense . . .

  • If a politician's lips are moving, he or she is almost certainly lying. This is true in general, but especially so when it comes to wars and supposed national security threats.

  • Most politicians are less interested in your security than they are in their own power. And serving the financial interests of what Eisenhower called "the military industrial complex." is one of the main ways politicians maintain and extend their personal influence and affluence.

These are sufficient reasons to reject the politicians when they argue for conflict, but history provides even stronger reasons. Our wars (and even the wars of other countries) have tended to follow a six part pattern . . .

1) Politicians and the drama-loving media scare the people with false or inflated dangers.

2) The people become frightened and hysterical and clamor for war.

3) Off to war we go, marching and singing.

4) But the enthusiasm soon fades, and people come to regret the war.

5) When the violence ends the main result is debt, death, destruction, and disappointment

6) The conditions created by the war then serve as the source for the threats and scare stories that the politicians and the media will use to start the next conflict, after the people have forgotten the lessons of their own history.

We've seen all or part of this pattern in every conflict, from the Spanish American War straight through to Iraq and Afghanistan. Just go through your own knowledge of our wars and notice how closely they follow the pattern. Or look up each of our wars on Wikipedia, and judge for yourself.

It seems clear that nearly all of our conflicts began with dramatic claims that later turned out to be false or exaggerated. And most of the time we ended up hating the wars we once zealously favored. We believe this consistent historical pattern points to a clear conclusion . . .

  • An interventionist foreign policy makes more enemies than it kills. It is a recipe for perpetual war and insecurity.

  • War with Iran would be no different. It would follow the same pattern as the others, and end with the same results—debt, death, destruction, disappointment, and new dangers.

Are you ready to break this pattern?

If you oppose conflict with Iran, tell Congress. Withdrawing your consent is ALWAYS the first step. If you neglect this step then the politicians will take your silence for support. Do not allow this. Withdraw your consent now.

Use the form at right to send your elected representatives a letter about this issue, HERE https://secure.downsizedc.org/etp/iran-non-intervention/

  • Your position will be counted by each Congressional office,
  • Will educate the Congressional staffer who reads it,
  • May be passed up the chain of command,
  • May receive a reply (many DC Downsizers get them).

If you receive such a letter, please share it, at Comments@DownsizeDC.org.

[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 6 years ago

From an emerging democracy in the Middle East, Iran was sent back to the dark ages, including a torture agency. The following is from wiki.

After removing the populist regime of Mohammad Mosaddeq (which was originally focused on nationalizing Iran's oil industry but also set out to weaken the Shah's power) from power on 19 August 1953, in a coup, the monarch, Mohammad Reza Shah, established an intelligence service with police powers. The Shah's goal was[7] to strengthen his regime by placing political opponents under surveillance and repress dissident movements. According to Encyclopædia Iranica:

A U.S. Army colonel working for the CIA was sent to Persia in September 1953 to work with General Teymur Bakhtiar, who was appointed military governor of Tehran in December 1953 and immediately began to assemble the nucleus of a new intelligence organization. The U.S. Army colonel worked closely with Bakhtīār and his subordinates, commanding the new intelligence organization and training its members in basic intelligence techniques, such as surveillance and interrogation methods, the use of intelligence networks, and organizational security. This organization was the first modern, effective intelligence service to operate in Persia. Its main achievement occurred in September 1954, when it discovered and destroyed a large communist Tudeh Party network that had been established in the Persian armed forces[8][9]

In March 1955, the Army colonel was "replaced with a more permanent team of five career CIA officers, including specialists in covert operations, intelligence analysis, and counterintelligence, including Major General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf who "trained virtually all of the first generation of SAVAK personnel." In 1956 this agency was reorganized and given the name Sazeman-e Ettela'at va Amniyat-e Keshvar (SAVAK).[9] These in turn were replaced by SAVAK’s own instructors in 1965.[10][11] Chief CIA Iran analyst Jesse Leaf in an interview on 6th Jan. 1979 stated that the CIA taught Nazi torture techniques to SAVAK.[12][13]

SAVAK had the power to censor the media, screen applicants for government jobs, "and according to reliable Western source,[14] use all means necessary, including torture, to hunt down dissidents". [15] The CIA provided SAVAK with lists of Communists to torture and murder. These lists originated with KGB defectors working for the CIA.

After 1963, the Shah expanded his security organizations, including SAVAK, which grew to over 5300 full-time agents and a large but unknown number of part-time informers.[15]

In 1961 the Iranian authorities dismissed the agency's first director, General Teymur Bakhtiar; he later became a political dissident. In 1970 SAVAK agents assassinated him, disguising the deed as an accident.

[-] 1 points by abin22 (15) 6 years ago

And some people wonder why the Iranians finaly had enough and got pissed off. Prior to that period the Mullahs and Ayatollas had great power in their communities. The Shah (I mean CIA) changed all that. The most powerful and wealthy one at that time in Iran was Khomieni, he said screw you and went to France.

The Shah (cia) also contracted with the largest defense companies in the US to purchase helicopters/ planes and weapons of war, also, people to train the Iranians how to operate and maintain the equipment. US companies got millions and millions thanks to the CIA These companies are the ones most US Senators and congressmen like to buy stock in.

When it was announced we were going into war with Iraq 167 Senators and congressmen made money from their stock in these type of companies. John Kerry from Mass. made over 2 mil.


[-] 1 points by smmv2005 (106) 6 years ago

We will clear the name of Israel from World map, not with nuclear weapons but relying on the power of faith Insha'Allah (If God wills).

[-] 0 points by BetsyRoss (-744) 6 years ago

Why doesn't anyone on this forum insist on learning BOTH sides of any issue before accepting the edited version presented by ONE side as being "the truth"???


The AIOC was the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company-originally the Anglo-Persian Oil Company until Persia changed it's name to "Iran" in 1935-a venture entered into by a British businessman and the Shah in 1901.

"In 1914, the British government subscribed to the Company a total of £2,200,000, becoming the majority share holder with 56% of the Company's shares."

"In March of 1951, the Iranian government, elected by the Iranian parliament, of nationalist Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh (also spelled Mosaddegh, Mosaddeq, Mossadeq, or Musaddiq), nationalized the British owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. The AIOC at the time was providing 90 percent of the petroleum used in Europe. Mossadeq transformed the AIOC operations in Iran into the National Iranian Oil Company."

AFTER the coup planned by the Shah and Britain and the US:

"The AIOC renamed itself the British Petroleum Company in 1954. After Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister, she endorsed privatizing many British government owned assets. In several stages from 1979 to 1987, the British government sold all the shares of British Petroleum it owned. In 1998, British Petroleum merged with Amoco, formerly the Standard Oil of Indiana, becoming BP Amoco plc. In 2000, BP Amoco acquired Arco (Atlantic Richfield Co.) and Burmah Castrol plc. In 2001, the company formally renamed itself as BP plc".