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Forum Post: No Retreat, No Surrender ( A Poem )

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 15, 2011, 7:59 p.m. EST by Chevalier76 (0)
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No Retreat, No Surrender

 Every day I walk in life. I raise the flag of my surrender. So many things I see are wrong. And

still I raise the flag of my surrender. Every day I witness the people’s voice turn silently into a whisper. And still I raise the flag of my surrender. So many children dead in Colorado, and still I raise the flag of my surrender. So many unjust laws bought and paid for, so many doctors that only care if you can pay. The homeless grow by leaps and bounds. A drug war waged on US to counter our depression, which stems from the inability to control our own destiny. Too many obnoxious TV and radio commercials, planting seeds of paranoia and unhappiness if we don’t buy their products. While all the time they trample over the public trust, that once were our airwaves. Work more hours for less pay and you better not have a word to say. While their transparent lies you see too well. All the time telling you that their leading you to heaven, while you clearly see that they are taking you to hell. One paycheck from the street. Cutting out coupons, stealing from Peter to pay Paul. All the time praying that you stay one step ahead of impending doom. Then they wonder why my happiness has turned to gloom. Bills more bills and even more bills. My sanity wanes. I can not sustain my indifferent view. Up against a wall, no place to run. No helping hand to keep me from this fall. No....No...No... I can not surrender. For if I were one more straw to take. This camels back would be sure to break. Drowning in a sea of despair. With all I love also drowning there. Since I know I am not alone. I am sure support will come in droves. Yet here I stand all alone. In the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have become a nation of modern day slaves. With invisible chains stronger than any steel. For these unbreakable chains are forged in the depths of our own imagination. Too proud to fight. Too busy to care. Too scared to try. Wait what is this. We now return you to tonight’s movie. Oh well, maybe tomorrow as for today. I will just wave the flag of my surrender.

P.S. There are no tomorrow's only today's. Now Stand No Retreat No Surrender!!!

The American Chevalier...



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