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Forum Post: no political solutions for the worlds problems, what now?

Posted 6 years ago on May 29, 2014, 6:27 p.m. EST by quantumystic (1710) from Memphis, TN
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it is pretty obvious that there is no political solution for the various crisis that we face government has proven completely ineffective at making any meaningful level of change or taking action. so what can we do?

we can take matters into our own hands forming intentional communities that use new urban planning and autonomous building, form co-ops, worker/trade union unions and guilds, implementing democratic and worker owned and controlled business models. we do this while relocalizing agriculture with: heirloom crops and heritage breed livestock adapted to your climate and raised ethically and sustainably produced using permaculture principals, aquaponics/greenhouses, food forests, and ethical hunting/trapping/fishing/wildcrafting/-foraging of natural areas in a sustainable manner. we can also implement manufacturing and production of goods especially regional specialty goods of the highest quality. using technology we can build ourselves ie. opensourceecology.org

in addition we can develop services especially those services based on technology and knowledge and expertise in a given field. we do this by implementing cutting edge technologies in transportation, energy, communication, etc. if we do this we can create our own super high speed internet needed for tech jobs and many others ie movies. we can form our own communities if we agree to pool our resources and bring in people with skills that build up a community.

such a commuity would hope to bring in a predetermined number of professionals in their fields that are of high importance to form a self reliant community to start the community. ie dr's, veternarians, agricultural experts, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, artisans and artists, professors and people who are experts in their fields. i would love to see an intentional community essentially become its own city state. eventually a place with lets say 10-25k people in this intentional community. expandable based on the resources available and their proper long term sustainable usage. using this model of community we can establish sister cities across the lands.

that could offer everything a city offers entertainment and artisically speaking cause we have some really talented individuals that i am convinced would love to be in a place that would faciliate the kind of freedom, indepence, liberty, and free thought a place like this would bring as well as the support of a close knit community. will it be perfect? of course not. could it be great? absolutely!



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