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Forum Post: No One wants Change, No One has the Character to talk about it , or start a National Debate.

Posted 7 years ago on Nov. 6, 2012, 9:19 p.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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Short and Too the Point: No One wants Change ...at least No One in Office has the Character and Force to talk about it ... or start a National Debate.

Paul Green, Political Scientist, Chicago, in the news today... says all the money spend in the Campaigns this year was a Waste... since no one Talked about Real Issues. He mentioned Pensions, Illinois Pensions are in bad shape like the reast of the Nation... but No one Started a Debate about what to do about Pensions. Under funded Retirement Funds and Pensions is over $4 Trillion. Total Losses from Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Loss to Pensions and retirement Funds equal $8.3 Trillion as per Wikipedia.

Couldn't find the exact Link, but think the deficit in retirement plans is more than Pension Plans... Like about $4 Trillion Total (I think it is the Losses from 2008 Financial Crisis on Wikipedia).

We got Status Quo Year After year There is no one Cleaning Up Washington DC.

Who has Talked about the ISSUES

1) Financial Crisis
2) Financial Schemes in our Everyday Life
3) Pensions and retirement Crisis Looming
4) Cost of Education, Health Care, Drugs, College Loans, Loss of Savings Interest Rate on Individual Savings Accounts,
5) Loss of Investment in Safe Small Business Loans for Real Start Ups and the real Small Businesses with low Capital and Few employees and no Shell Companies, loss of Investment in our future Jobs.
6) No Domstic Policy to protect Jobs in Manufacturing, In recylcing waste, altenraitve energy, energy solutions, hazzardous waste, food technology, mass transportation systems, efficeient cities, science,
7) War. This is a Big Issue.
8) Defense Spending that has Trippled since 1998.
9) Tax System that is way over-grown, shot full of loop holes, and current trends to give away tax rebates to any large corporation.
10) Corporate Welfare, Susidies in taxes, loopholes, free federal funds, public private partnerships, bail outs. If it isn't simple, you know the banker or the coporation is getting the best part of the Deal.
11) Complete and Utter Support for Corporations whether big defense contracts or small defense contracts, War, Mercenaries, Intelligence operations, AT&T Contracts for evesdropping/spying on americans, Carried Interest Tax rate, Deffered Wages into Trust Accounts, Hedge Funds writing the laws of the Land, Shadow banking, Paid Off ratings Agencies, paid off Independent Accounting Firms, Paid off Legislation, Paid Off Congressmen/women, Paid Off Treasury Secretary, Paid Off Federal Reserve Boards and Memebers, Paid Off FDIC Chairmen and Memebers, Paid Off OCC Members and Chairmen.......
12) Cut Budgets for SEC & FBI to investigate Fraud in Banking.
13) 10 Years to Sue a Large Corporation and No Verdict (millions of Dollars paid)
14) Flagrant Fraudulent Documents Submitted to Court for Foreclosures.
15) Wall Street banks executives working in our executive office and as heads of our regulatory Agencies ...And they give money to the Congress members that are supposed to Investigate them.
16) A history of Keating Five, bank scandal, that taught congress never to Investigate their biggest Contributors!!!???

http://www.classwarfareexists.com/wsj-nearly-70-of-u-s-corporations-pay-no-taxes/#ixzz2BJbFwygl (Brightonsage link)



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[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 7 years ago

The definition of insanity?

MSM decides the questions and then determines the answers. You want better answers? You have to ask better questions. You as in general you.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

We have a backward, Parasitic, system right now in so many ways. A) Banks and Corporations have access to cheap money for gambling in London or Off-Shoring, but an Honest US Saver can't make Risk-Free Interest on a Savings Account. B) Bail Outs are given to people that create Frauduelnt Environment and outright Fraud ... while the people get a deflated dollar and increased tax burden.

All Executives determine the Spin or narrative of their Organization as much as it comes down to them to answer ro make a Public Statement. MSM are run by executives. If MSM were run by Business Students it would be the same. Business people are all following a culture crafted by an Executive and they are all Capitalist looking to make some money....

Yes, Insanity works... rob peter that taxpayer... to spend on defense industry ...just to make someone Else Rich.