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Forum Post: Next move

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 6, 2011, 6:52 p.m. EST by cesarfaz (2) from Tijuana, BC
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The movement is doomed to die if nothing is done anytime soon. It'll just be absorbed by the election next year. So let me suggest at least something:

Why don't you demand ONE thing that the vast majority would agree upon? Something that may actually reflect what that so-called 99% want? Something like... democracy.

What if the several leaders of OWS agree on bringing the "money in politics" problem over othe table as the ONE BIG issue? It would be a good idea to insist that the whole corporations-are-people thing be brought to the American public for them to decide. To insist on the fact that the system is deeply corrupt and that the People should be making the calls. Ask for the Congress to act and push for the issue to be taken to them.

Most likely legislators would just ignore it since, well, they are after all working for special interests, why would they? But the US spent a whole f*ing month discussing about a Muslim Community Center (or a mosque or whatever it is) in NYC; nobody seems to talk about things that actually matter. If the movement can push the issue so far as to making it nationwide, maybe it would achieve more than many people may think.

Health care, income disparity, tax policy, the economy... let democracy handle them. But we need one first.



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[-] 0 points by smartguy (180) 12 years ago

The vast majority wants democracy? I doubt it. Why would people want mob rule and their rights taken away by the 51%? I think most people are intelligent enough to know why this country was founded as a Republic.

[-] 1 points by cesarfaz (2) from Tijuana, BC 12 years ago

well, I mean democracy as the means to run the Republic. Wasn't this country by and for the People? Can we actually make the case that that is actually NOT going on?

[-] 0 points by smartguy (180) 12 years ago

That doesn't make sense. I think you're confusing the right to vote (universal suffrage) with democracy. A democracy and republic are mutually exclusive.

[-] 1 points by cesarfaz (2) from Tijuana, BC 12 years ago

Not really. You seem to be talking uniquely about a direct democracy. An indirect democracy, the way a Republic works, is still democracy (representative, in this case). Universal suffrage is just one -though big- part of it.