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Forum Post: New supporters...were getting to the masses...

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 1, 2011, 5:38 p.m. EST by wavygravy (0)
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The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

Communist Party USA Sources: Communist Party USA, OWS speech, The Daily Caller

American Nazi Party Sources: Media Matters, American Nazi Party, White Honor, Sunshine State News

Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran Sources: The Guardian, Tehran Times, CBS News

Barack Obama Sources: ABC News, CBS News, ForexTV, NBC New York

The government of North Korea Sources: Korean Central News Agency (North Korean state-controlled news outlet), The Marxist-Leninist, Wall Street Journal, Times of India

Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam Sources: video statement (starting at 8:28), Black in America, Weasel Zippers, Philadelphia Weekly

Revolutionary Communist Party Sources: Revolutionary Communist Party, Revolution newspaper, in-person appearance

David Duke Sources: Talking Points Memo, video statement, davidduke.com

Joe Biden Sources: Talking Points Memo, video statement, Mother Jones

Hugo Chavez Sources: Mother Jones, Reuters, Examiner.com

Revolutionary Guards of Iran Sources: Associated Press, FARS News Agency, UPI

Black Panthers (original) Sources: in-person appearance, Occupy Oakland, Oakland Tribune

Socialist Party USA Sources: Socialist Party USA, IndyMedia, The Daily Caller

US Border Guard Sources: White Reference, www.usborderguard.com, Gateway Pundit, Just Another Day blog

Industrial Workers of the World Sources: IWW web site, iww.org, in-person appearances

CAIR Sources: in-person appearance, Washington Post, CAIR, CAIR New York

Nancy Pelosi Sources: Talking Points Memo, video statement, ABC News, The Weekly Standard

Communist Party of China Sources: People’s Daily (Communist Party organ), Reuters, chinataiwan.org, The Telegraph

Hezbollah Sources: almoqawama.org, almoqawama.org (2), almoqawama.org (3), wikipedia

9/11Truth.org Sources: 911truth.org (1), 911truth.org (2), 911truth.org (3)

International Bolshevik Tendency Sources: bolshevik.org, Wire Magazine

Anonymous Sources: Adbusters, The Guardian, video statement

White Revolution Source: whiterevolution.com

International Socialist Organization Sources: Socialist Worker, socialistworker.org, in-person appearance

PressTV (Iranian government outlet) Sources: PressTV, wikipedia

Marxist Student Union Sources: Marxist Student Union, Big Government, marxiststudentunion.blogspot.com

Freedom Road Socialist Organization Sources: FightBack News, fightbacknews.org

ANSWER Sources: ANSWER press release, ANSWER web site, Xinhua

Party for Socialism and Liberation Sources: Liberation News (1), pslweb.org, The Daily Free Press, Liberation News (2



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[-] 2 points by DouginJax (40) 12 years ago

More opposition goofy shit. Somebody got paid creating and posting this list. Where do you think the money comes from?