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Forum Post: NEW PROPOSED DEMANDS. only way to get real peaceful change is through Political Institutions.

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 7, 2011, 6:32 p.m. EST by LLusciato (0)
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1) To end the perversion of Capitalism by NGO's, multinational corporations, and the corrupt politicians. The free Market thrives on small business and on consumers. the 99% are the small business owners and the consumers. We demand a fair tax code that eliminates loop holes for large corporations. We demand for corporations to be removed from campaign finance. Corporations are not people!

2) To stop the scape-goating and "class warfare" on the working people of the United States. We demand access to collective bargaining for all workers public and private. We demand penalties for United States companies who ship jobs over-seas.

3) We demand a reduction in profits made by private defense contractors at the expense of American lives in un-necesary and objectionable foreign conflicts.

4) We demand a progressive tax code that restores help to the lower and middle class in the form of Government programs including Social Security, and Medicare. This tax code should return some of the burden to the upper tax bracket who have benefitted from the 99%

5) We demand consumer protection and financial-sector regulation to prevent future crisis and to break up large monopolies. We demand legislation to be passed that limits the prospect of "too big to fail" in the future.

6) We demand equal opportunity and upward mobility for the middle class, in the form of increased higher-education aid to working and middle class families and students.



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[-] 1 points by Blueskies (49) 12 years ago

7) Bring all defense spending back to American companies.

8) Bring all government call centers back to American companies.