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Forum Post: New Mexico Union of the Unemployed

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 30, 2012, 2:47 a.m. EST by bignatz (0)
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We need some new ideas, and would like to connect to other groups with a similar, focused agenda. We need a new WPA/CCC in this country, and we figured we might as well start here.

However, we have had very little interest, to be honest, which is surprising to us long term unemployed 3 people who've been trying to get some traction on this issue for a year now. Any suggestions, encouragement, evidence to indicate that we're full of shit and that such efforts are unnecessary , etc. would all be much appreciated.

The New Mexico Union of the Unemployed (NMUU) will organize and hold its first meetings in January of this year. So far, our primary agenda is to pressure elected officials to reapportion resources presently wasted on such boondoggles as the bloated Military Industrial Complex and devote the money saved to the creation of living wage jobs for the long term unemployed here in New Mexico. Interested people should contact Joe at nmuu@live.com for more information and to get on the list to receive updates as to meeting times, location and agenda.



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