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Forum Post: New economic and social system

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 8, 2012, 2:35 p.m. EST by Radislav (-5) from Киев, город Киев
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Good afternoon!

Several days ago I have sent a letter to some members of this movement. In addition to that, I’ve sent it to the basic e-mail of your site, notably, general@occupywallst.org. Unfortunately, I haven’t received the reply. I will not guess the reasons for not getting the response, as there can be a variety of them, but the only one will be right.

As people on this forum theoretically are the part of the movement, I’ve made a decision to put this letter on the forum. In any case, initially applying to a narrow circle of persons, in future I planned to appeal to the masses. The letter will be placed below. It is kept in its original form, without adaptation to the forum. Now you will be able to read this letter, and after that I’ll continue…


I have developed a new economic and social system. Before talking about it I would like to introduce myself. My name is Radislav. I am 33 years old. I live in Ukraine. A large part of my life I devoted to the world welfare. It was the highest priority during my life and I didn’t deflect to anything that could promote me in the society.

The current economic system is not viable. It was unnatural at the stage of its forming. Its influence depresses the society, increasing all the human defects. Because of this system the humanity is at the deadlock and it has kept a few alternatives for people. Each of these alternatives is destructive for both, humanity and nature. All they can deprive people of their future.

Now the present is, but we are still living in the past, nothing changes. Fears, oppression, wars. This is the way of unwise beings. How long should we pass it, and to get to nowhere?

My economic and social system can deliver the society from its defects: from fear, anger, distrust, everything that destroys a person from within. This system will be able to unite the whole humanity. Only united people can reach the highest results. The unification of mankind is the only alternative that can give us the future. My system can deliver us from the money concept. It would be technically impossible. I will tell you about it afterwards if, most importantly, you have such a will and if you do not make any sudden conclusions after reading this letter.

Without money existence all that dirt (wars, prostitution, drugs, slavery, alcoholism and violence) will be not available. The destroying of the biosphere, excessive consumption of natural resources and their processing to nothing, all this is done for getting the minor profit. People in their actions are guided by “After me the deluge”.

I don’t know what objects you and your organization pursue, but if everything you do is done for happy future of the humanity, then we have the same ways. If my letter makes sense for you and your society, write about this. I will tell you about new economic and social system. And with it I’ll tell about the method of realization of the system.

I look forward to your reply.

Faithfully yours, Radislav.

PS: At the moment I can’t show you the whole sincerity of my intentions and tell you how my economic and social system will be able to change the world. But now at least I can send my photo to you, so that we’ll be at equal grounds.”

Now, after you have read the letter, I will go on. As it was already noticed in the letter, I don’t know what real aims this society pursues. I suppose the current order doesn’t suit you. And also you are not happy with the fact that the humanity has practically no perspectives for happy future. I wish to change this world, therefore I’ve created the system which will be able to change the principles of human existence. However, this was written about in the letter.

Appealing to you, first of all I wish to understand whether you really want changes in your life. Or whether your dissatisfaction consists only in the fact that your life is not successful by the standards of the current society. In the first case, I will continue to write, telling about principles of the new economic and social system, and also the method of its realization. In the second case I will withdraw from this forum.

In any case, I am sincere with you, and wish you to have similar reciprocity.

Yours faithfully, Radislav.

Ps. It is written in the postscript to the letter that the photo will be sent with it. Unfortunately, it is not possible here. Therefore, if the photo makes sense for you, I will attach it somewhere and put the link here.



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[-] 1 points by JPB950 (2254) 6 years ago

I get this strange feeling I'm watching an infomercial and after telling me I can have all the details of your plan for only $19.99 and you're going to give me several free gifts and free shipping.



[-] -1 points by Radislav (-5) from Киев, город Киев 6 years ago

Hello again,

The current letter will be the second on this forum. Its purpose is creating a base for writing the third and final letter, in which the principles of the new economic and social system will be discussed.

Economic and social system consists of several levels. The third letter will explain the first, basic and therefore, the simplest one. There is currently no point to speak about other levels as in present situation the human perception, as well as depressed state of mind cannot adequately perceive the system as a whole.

The system is designed so that every subsequent level is self-sufficient, but only in condition of realization of the previous level. In other words, the basic level of the new economic and social system will be a fully-fledged working system. And only you will determine afterwards whether it will be possible to move to a higher level of development.

The role of basic economic and social system is, first of all, removing all the current depressing factors and, secondly, creating the necessary conditions to a primitive man to change the status to a reasonable man. Accordingly, this will result in the formation of the society of new type, with the future. On the contrary, this future is not possible for the current society.

The primitive man kills or humbles his neighbor. This way he tries to suppress his own lack of self-confidence and inferiority complex, which is just growing stronger due to this action. A man kills the huge world in which he lives. By doing this the primitive man is trying to create his own welfare. He attempts to predominate over everything that gets in his field of vision. Thanks to this a person tries to cope with its fears.

A person has a lot of tools for its murderous actions. But the most powerful tool created is the current economic and social system by which a primitive man successfully dominates his neighbor. With this system humanity is especially effective in destroying its native home, and its land. Due to the system the human intellect and inner world is degrading as unnecessary thing. An adult, mature person, as a rule, has the inner world completely atrophied. Mind, if it is not completely destroyed by current depressing system, is definitely ruined by alcohol, which a person consumes to suppress the inner pain and emptiness. Or drugs…

People are trying to improve this system, but initially vicious thing cannot be improved. Trying to do this, people only increase the negative impact of the system.

Now a chance to implement a new system appears, due to which you will have the future, desire to live and create. Afterwards you will finally be able to understand the person’s meaning of life. It all depends on your actions. It depends on how capable you will be to cooperate with your neighbor. Each of you considers himself to be too clever to view the reality as it is; too clever to hear each other.

Afterwards, I will be able to share some knowledge with you. For example, I have knowledge about the device that could make it possible to transfer the substance within the object (galaxy) relatively in a moment. This will give a man the possibility to get into the deep space.

But while people destroy those like themselves, they never will be able to get out of the borders of solar system, as the Universe means harmony first of all. And a man carries destruction and therefore disharmony.

At the same time, I will be able to tell about the infinite source of the energy. The current sources rather destroy the Earth than help the humanity. They are essentially the indication of the ignorance but not the sources ones. And this fully emphasizes the present level of the human development.

Thus, the energy obtaining is done either by “forcible way”, or the way which is absolutely ineffective. And while “the forcible way” harms the Earth biosphere, the base of this world, the ineffective method causes the suffering of the man itself by the negative effect of these methods on current economics.

And as everything is interconnected, these methods affect not only the way of existence of the person, but also its inner world, destroying not only the first one, but also the last one.

To tell about the infinite energy source and the method of this energy obtaining I will have to explain about what is the Universe, because the man has the wrong consideration of it. As in the case of the device of substance transfer in space, the humanity must fit such a technology. At present there are reasons because of which the people are not ready to use this energy.

One of the reasons is wars. The man kills his neighbor. The atomic bomb is considered to be the powerful weapon. But it is nothing versus the capabilities of this energy, as even slight concentration of it is enough to destroy the Earth, for example. Only the clever society with high morality will be able to use this energy for a good cause. I should remind you that the purpose of my economic and social system is the formation of such society.

At the same time I will be able to tell about the technology due to which some physical laws and phenomena can be revised. Friction, aerodynamics, acceleration and inertia, thermodynamics as such. All this will become pointless. Afterwards the reasonable man will be able to create everlasting devices and mechanisms. They will be everlasting in the literal sense of the word.

But all this will be possible subsequently. Although I can tell you a lot of the above mentioned in the near future.

I’ll finish the second letter; the third will explain the essence of the system. Your future and the future of the people in general will depend on how you can accept this essence. I remind that the basic system is adapted to the current perception of the person, and as much as possible close to the current way of existence. Therefore you should have no difficulties with it.

If this system will appear to you as strange, or inadequate (as it lacks all unnecessary things), well, you can go on successfully killing your neighbor and destroying the world you live in. You will be able to continue to dream about beautiful world you wish to live. You will not have the world, but you will have a dream…

I should add. I live on the territory of Ukraine, and this country has no relation to Nigeria. However, it is similar to the fact that good manners and primary education has no relation to the person who condescended to such comment.

For some reasons I do not know your language. Good people help me with the translation. In this connection, on my part, there may be delays with the answers.

Truly yours, Radislav.

[-] -1 points by Radislav (-5) from Киев, город Киев 6 years ago

Good afternoon

I greet you for the third time. This means that the current letter will be the last. And as it was said before, the system itself will be described in the last letter.

Knowing how a person cares for every minute of his time, only the necessary will be described here. With the purpose that the person reading this will lost minimum of his time. However, the loss of this time will not reflect on the global time of the person. Because while people worry for every second of their time, for some reason they waste for nothing their lives and all the time assigned to them.

Thus, when creating a new economic and social system, the positive and negative aspects of the human were taken into account, as well as the external factors influencing them.

The priorities of the system are the following: equality, science, spirituality and rationality.


People have different conceptions of equality. Though generally accepted standards of this phenomenon exist, actually neither the equality as such does not exist, nor justice. In essence, for the major part of population there is no care about the equality. A person worries only about his own well-being, and if the question is the justice, then it only concerns a person himself. And equality is demanded only in the cases when a person feels himself unequal among others.

Basic economic and social system minimizes the possibility of inequality or unfairness manifestation. By accepting and implementing it, you will not have to struggle for your rights afterwards. You will not have to live with the thought that you are treated unfairly. The lack of depressing factors, lies and delusions will gradually free your mind. You will acquire the possibility to think. And this is the first step to creation.


The system represents the interests of science, as there is nothing more important than truth and knowledge. The science is first of all your happy future. Therefore, in case of realization of the system, the conditions for the development of science will rise to a higher level. The concept of priority research directions will disappear. The priority research directions are meant to be those which are commercial. Unfortunately, now the science is mostly the commercialism, in which science is just a way of making a profit.

The current science, in principle, is flawed, as it is unidirectional. And if we talk conceptually, from the 360 degree range of features a person chooses only one vector in his development. But above all, science is versatility.


It does not matter in what you believe, a matter is what kind of a person you are. The system is designed so that its effect will reinforce all the positive qualities of a man. And with it, this system will have depressing effect on the negative human qualities, reducing the last to a minimum. The system will help to clean up the inner world of a person. The harmony between a person and the outside world is, above all, the harmony of the person with his inner world. The lack of harmony, and as a result the emptiness of the inner world of the person, destroys the outer world.


A man spends too many resources. A large part of which eventually goes nowhere as meaningless products. The current system is irrational and wasteful, while with the minimum it is possible to obtain the maximum. To do this, the certain conditions are needed to be created, and my system will have these conditions.

Society. Or the way of human existence in the new system

Earlier it was said that the first level of economic and social system provides relatively the usual way of existence of a person. This is done for society to adapt to the new system as a whole easier.

Thus, what the system will provide and remove is partially presented in the list below.

  • The lack of taxes. A person should not pay for breathing ...

  • The lack of the banking system.

  • The lack of any form of commerce.

  • The lack of money.

  • The lack of a number of professions. This is mainly for professions related to banking and monetary system in general.

  • Free treatment.

  • Free education.

  • Free food.

  • Free life, if you know what I mean.

  • The lack of slavery. If you believe that you live in a society where there is no slavery then you are mistaken. At least because you are slaves of the current system. Slavery, in principle, can take many forms.

Now slavery is thriving. Current slaveholding system became more sophisticated. Centuries ago, the slave owner had to keep slaves. Now, being slaves, you do maintain yourself in favor of slave-owners. Current advanced form of slavery gives people the illusion of freedom, the illusion of wellbeing and happiness.

  • The relative lack of illusions. There are too many of them. There is no worse way than the path of delusion. Humanity over the whole period of its existence goes this way.

  • The lack of a lie. The system is arranged in the way that any kind of lies as such, becomes meaningless. If at first the base system will give a person a possibility to live without cheating, then, after years people without the presence of this system will live without trying to deceive his neighbor.

  • Natural, non-violent suppression of crime.

  • The lack of war.

[-] -1 points by Radislav (-5) from Киев, город Киев 6 years ago

The principle of human existence in the new economic and social system

Each person will be issued an electronic passport. This passport will be different from the standard so that in addition to data about a person it will have the additional function.

The passport will have two electronic accounts. The first account is daily updated, and the second one is accumulative.

What is the updated account? This is a free food. Daily limit of the updating account gives an opportunity to create the necessary conditions for a free food to all mankind. Each subsequent day, a fixed number of points will come to this account. For example, it will be 10 conventional units. For these 10 units a person purchases necessary for life support amount of food items. Each item will have a certain price. In due time the statisticians and nutritionists will be working on this. They will be able to balance this account as well as to calculate the amount of food necessary for human life support.

The second account is accumulative. This account will be even more familiar to mankind. Through this account a person can purchase wealth.

The number of units produced on both accounts will not be fixed. For unemployed people, in other words, whose return to society is minimal, the accumulative account will be replenished with fewer units than for the working people. Accordingly, the working people will be able to acquire more wealth. With regards to food, working people have to spend more energy during their life activity. This implies higher energy cost as opposed to non-working person. Therefore, a greater number of conventional units will come to the accumulation account of a working man. This will give the opportunity to purchase a larger amount of products.

Now, the man in the new system. First of all, it is worth noting that the system will represent the interests of everyone. The new system will help a person to reveal oneself. Thanks to this system the person will be able to do what he likes. This will allow a person to cease to feel discomfort, dissatisfaction in his life. The work of the person will be much more efficient. People reach the highest results in the work they love.

Some part of humanity will be able not to work at all. These are the people who do not find themself in this life. Subsequently, they will have time for this. Their mind will not be occupied by the primitive problems of finding unloved work to be able to provide themselves with food and the purchase of wealth. These people will not fill other people's posts. The team, where everyone knows their work, and this favorite work will bring the best efficiency. This team will be a single entity. Family if you like. In this team there will be no quarrel, since there won’t be those who create them.

Less does not mean worse.

Despite the fact that some part of mankind will stop working, the overall efficiency of society will rise to a higher level, which in turn will be able to compensate the loss of work force. This will be achieved by several factors, including those mentioned above. Namely, the favorite activity, lack of non-professionals, well-balanced team, in general, favorable conditions will be provided by the new system of existence.

[-] -1 points by Radislav (-5) from Киев, город Киев 6 years ago

Corporations, small and medium business

The system provides a comprehensive change in human existence. This will negatively affect, in the current understanding, the corporations, and large, medium and small-sized businesses. Though it may sound paradoxical, but in consideration of this, as well as the role of the business as such, the basic system will protect the interests of corporations, small and medium businesses.

How it will look like.


Since the realization of this system, corporations are immune from any form of bankruptcy. This is the first.

The second, larger will not devour the less. Large corporations will not be able to suppress the weaker by their influence. All will be on equal footing.

After realization of the system, business as such will stop receiving the income from sales of its products. This implies a relatively free distribution of products among the society.

The corporations will receive necessary resources for production for free, in appropriate quantity to satisfy the needs of production.

In this connection, afterwards for the corporation management the only thing to bother is the quality of its products. The rest things the leaders of corporations are worried at the moment will lose its meaning. I will not enumerate here all the difficulties and risks faced by any corporation under the current system. The representatives of the corporations are well aware of these complexities. Therefore, they will realize what is at stake, without any enumeration of these difficulties on my part.

The implementing of the new system will create more favorable conditions for the prosperity of corporations. The only thing that is missing in this case is money, habitual for you. In other words, there will be no income. But for this system the income is not the determining factor for the welfare and perspectives of corporations.

All you will need for your well-being, is to do your favorite work.

My system will change the concept of competition. The current system of competition creates hostility between the corporations. So, you rejoice with failures of your competitors. Wars arise between corporations. In order to survive, corporations tend to occupy a dominant position, since such a position would give the best chance for their survival.

In my system the concept of competition is also present, but competition is reasonable.

Have a look at a simplified example of the current competition.

There are three corporations producing goods of one direction. Thus, these three corporations will share the market of the world into three parts. Each corporation will strive to take a larger percentage of the market. One type of market penetration is cluttering it up with the so-called new models of its products. Even a few changes to the existing model lead to the fact that the new model is thrown to the markets of the world. The society is in buying fever, this is the new model. Here brands, advertising, human desire to keep up to date and fashion starts playing the role, as well as the desire to have the latest and best model of something.

Due to this primitive pattern corporations are developing in modern society. Because of the race between corporations there is a large-scale production of the planet's resources. As it has already been written, in fact, most of these resources is going nowhere.

This is the first. The second is that such actions develop bad sides in a person. The modern person ever more became materialist. Materialism itself kills the spirituality and mind. In other words, a person striving for material things loses the basis of his essence. Such a person ceases to feel and think truly. All he is interested in is the acquisition of wealth. The waste of life for nothing. In other words, the primitive way of existence.

So, returning to competition. Corporative competition, which kills the inner world of a person and the environment in which people live, will cease to exist. Just as no longer the so-called new models of products from corporations will exist. Embedding in your product "additional light bulb" does not give you a reason to declare a new model, and to spend planetary resources on mass production of this product, as well as subsequently clutter up the world with it.

Thus, returning to the described above three corporations in my system.

Every corporation has created its own model of a similar product. The characteristics of the product, its purpose, usefulness to society, quality and lifetime will determine the distribution of the market between the three corporations, due to the overall quality of the product.

The corporation, whose product will be recognized by the commission as unsuccessful, will not waste the planet's resources to their poor quality products. It will not mean a failure for the corporation. At the time, while other corporations will start mass production of their products, this company will have time to develop other products, which will deserve to enter the market. As it has already been written above, the corporations will be equal. The success of the corporation will depend on the love to your work, the understanding of what you want, the professionalism.

My system will allow corporations to be occupied in long-term development, without hurry, without patterns in the products. Now, because of the fear of losing market all corporations actually produce the same products. That is too bad, because humanity is on the same path. Corporations are afraid to step to new paths, with new opportunities. In other words, the new economic and social system will welcome the innovative thinking. With regard to corporations, as it was mentioned earlier, they will obtain the immunity. You do not need to be afraid of failure. You will be able to occupy developments for years without producing anything. The new system will take care of you. And when your time comes, you will be able to give the world the best.

Such a system would act with both medium, and small business, with the protection of rights and creating the most favorable environment for your well-being.

[-] -1 points by Radislav (-5) from Киев, город Киев 6 years ago


The new economic and social system implies the appearance of a new type of a number of organizations. For example, the supervisory authority will be responsible for the distribution and rational use of planetary resources.

As for the government bodies as such. The so called successful people should not be in power. Success in today's society, as a rule, involves immoral acts in relation to one’s neighbor. Thanks to that the person achieves the doubtful success.

Success in today's vicious society is a way of cheating his neighbor, a way of a person who managed to walk over the corpses of his neighbor. These people in power will bring misfortune to their nation, because they cannot think about others, but only about themselves. As for the relationship between the countries. These people not being in power yet, are accustomed to show aggression to their neighbors, lying, use of a person for their own selfish purposes. After coming to power these people by force of habit will be aggressive now to nearby countries. In fact, the people representing the current government belong to this category of successful individuals. Politics as such is immoral. This is a relic of the Middle Ages.

The people of another type should be in power. They are men of science who will really understand the correct direction of human development; and also people of high morals. Sadly, there are few of them, but fortunately they are. Being in power, they will understand what is really needed for a person. Such people will not allow immorality, injustice and aggression.

A brief description of the system came to an end. Here was shown the principle of human existence, this information is enough for now.

So, I see you want changes, but have no idea what they should be. This is evident in your actions, since you have no direction, no ultimate goal in your desire to change the way of human existence. That is the system. Having realized it, you will subsequently fulfill themselves. My system will give you a prosperous future. All you have to do is to accept this future. Or reject it.

For the realization of this system the following is required. First of all, your attention. There is no at the moment. While there is no attention, there will be no prospects for your organization, since you have no alternative to replace the current system.

The second needed, subject to your attention, is the spreading of information about the system. I have described this system on your forum. It was my step, the next step is yours. Distribute the description of a new economic and social system to humanity. If this form of existence satisfies the needs of mankind (I do not mean the current government, because their needs are somewhat different from the needs of humanity as a whole), the first thing that will happen is that your organization will grow very fast. It will attract to its ranks a large number of people because these people will be able to see that you have real objectives. After that, we will be able to begin the realization of the system.

I am waiting for your attention. Your actions will form the future you deserve.

Sincerely yours, Radislav.

[-] -1 points by BlackSun (275) from Agua León, BC 6 years ago

Are you really from Nigeria?

[-] -2 points by Renaye (522) 6 years ago

The most sincere of us here at OWS are leery of anything that is not posted openly and transparently.

We're all looking for good ideas and solutions. If you've got something that can help humanity, then let's hear it on the open forum.