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Forum Post: Neil

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 29, 2011, 2:41 p.m. EST by nich (57)
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Dear NYCGA, This proposal has been transmitted and ignored, perhaps because of my lack of communications savvy. I hate to think deliberately but I have not heard any response at all from the Visions and Goals group.

From the outset of the occupy movement, I have felt that a goal was achieved immediately by conducting numerous general assembles. That is far more than the present US Congress has done.

At the time the UDHR(universal declaration of human rights) was adopted by the UN in 1948, political parties in the US were not primarily occupied with achieving political power. This is a fundamentally politically conservative issue whereby the survival of the state becomes a foremost concern of legislators. Another factor was that of establishment centers of power often in legal conflict with financial centers of power that are allowed by our laws to make a bottom line assessment of profit and loss without regard to the depletion of natural and human resources of the US. By this measure, no corporation, let alone some of the country's large $200bilion enterprises, have ever been in the black. Wall St. is a farce, profiteering is not capitalism. The US has become a banana republic, with government and financial collusion in secret, for private gain. That is fascism.

I have offered this alternative idea before. The UDHR was passed in 1948 by the UN. This was a time when political parties in the US were not primarily strategizing about how to gain power. If you visit the website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Declaration_of_Human_Rights#Bangkok_Declaration you will see the history and content of the UDHR.

I am sorry beyond words that, because of poor health, I cannot present this in person using the powerful words of FDR and others to convey most of these ideas, values really.

This document was designed to cover the world's citizens. It was passed 48 to 0 in 1948 with some notable abstentions by the Soviet bloc nations. Again, this is better than our present day congress can muster to pass anything.

Being in earnest to create a document from scratch is a laudable goal and an awesome task. Nevertheless, I propose the UDHR to represent the values and goals of the occupy movement that many of you attest to is a world movement.

The fact that the US is a signatory of the UDHR is in stark contrast to the behavior of the US government. This obviously glaring hypocrisy, among others, is notably the treatment by the state of the occupy movement. the occupy movement allows for an intellectual, moral and practical basis for protest. The fact that UDHR is a universal document (evidenced by your perusal of the UDHR) will free you from the granular debates on how to attract groups like the Tea Party. It is they who claim to stand on principles, let us see if they can approve universal human rights principles rather than protesting an unfair system which they want to change to be unfair in their favor.

I believe that one of the primary phenomena that has arisen from this movement is to educate people by example at an historic moment when people want to be educated, not marketed.

Please adhere to that principle and enhance it.

Yours Truly, Neil Winger Cleveland Heights, Ohio

PS: As I read through the communications of the visions and goals group via email, before writing this letter, I feel like I am behind the curve on where visions and goals are, despite many clarifying emails. If you are to have a vision, I think it should be the biggest vision i.e. humanity and the earth.

The vision for the US needs to be balancing the seesaw. What I mean by that is the establishments of government and the establishments of business are together on one side of the see saw. On the other side are the citizens of the US clinging to what civil rights they still lay claim to, represented by a mouse.

The constitution has been hijacked for the interests of the highest bidders and is the ground under which the seesaw sits, mostly crushed by the elephant's ass. The constitution is in danger from the same totalitarian forces that sought to eliminate the Bill of Rights at the writing of the document. They were the 1% then and are the 1% now, they have a lot of capital, they do not own America despite help from the Supreme Court and our corrupted politicians.

There is some talk about where the occupy movement falls on the political compass. It is clear to me that all of today's politics, all of the government and governments waiting in the wings to take over along with and in debt to private business and corporate business are by the nature of their collusion's are conservative. We are obviously not conservative. But are we liberal? Not really, that agenda rubs too many people the wrong way at some point, including me.

Progressivism traditionally organizes around some economic issue and includes affected people regardless of partisan affiliation. While the occupy movement has obviously to do with Wall St. and fairness, it is not a only general strike around economic issues. It is also about civil rights, the role of the state in crony capitalism(profiteering, fascism), the duty of every state to the earth and environment and basic morality. For example, ostensibly, the US has a professional armed forces yet these professional haven't had a vote in the last two wars. They were at the beck and call of questionable people and questionable motivations. If the United States is unaware of its identity it can hardly state what its interests are.

The government is not a government of the people but a government of only marketed self interests. It is the government of roll on deodorants.

There are some legislators who want to abolish the posse comitatis laws that govern the use of US Military on US soil. Does someone have in mind a counter insurgency role in mind against protests in the US against the government?

As was originally stated, the movement is up and down, it is different and strange, even frightening to Americans. That is why teaching by example is so important because this movement is not on any political map ever used in the US.

We are humanity, put people first, our earth next, that is our country.

Sincerely, Neil Winger Cleveland Heights, Ohio



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[-] 1 points by hamalmang (722) from Lebanon, PA 12 years ago

Longest postscript ever haha. Sorry I didn't read all of this but it seems important so I wanted to bump it.