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Forum Post: NEED act

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 7, 2011, 4:36 p.m. EST by Samsquatch (48)
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everybody should check out the NEED act, basically it puts money printing back in control of congress, incorporating the federal reserve into the Treasury department. it was introduced into congress 9/20/11 by dennis kucinich.

H.R.2990 isnt necessarily a silver bullet but it would be a major movement to restoring constitutionality in the U.S. i propose you all get behind this act and really pressure congress into acting on this bill. there should not be any partisan politics over this issue, but when there is you can easily spot the representatives who are owned by the international crime syndicate of banks.

please use the grassroots power of this movement to manifest action on this bill!

the old ways of doing business as usual are falling apart before our eyes. under the old system we will be bankrupt as well as most of Europe by the end of next year. let us inspire a brighter tomorrow by flipping this system on its head, use love instead of fear, peace instead of war, swords to plowshares, replace explosive energy with implosive energy(victor shauberger, the US stole all of his research and patents in the early 50s, dont tell me we havent improved on his designs for free energy). lets get rid of the walls of illusion which keep us from being One Human Race. feel sorry for the people who regard others like expendable fodder, because they are not able to see how powerful we can be when we help eachother. we see what we want to see, when you are consumed by fear you distrust everybody, when you allow love to enter your life you begin to see things in a different light, you see the benefits of freeing all people from toiling in the gutters so that they may pursue their true passions. even if its studying peanuts. if george washington carver was stuck working at mcdonalds we wouldnt have peanut butter! imagine if everybody could follow their true interests! even if the venture doesnt bear fruit in the beginning somebody else may find a great use for it. Gorilla Glass was invented in the 70s and didnt really have a purpose at the time, now its what keeps those shiny Smartphones from shattering in our pockets. consider that every great advance in human evolution was precursed by a great gathering of people sharing ideas. its only when we separate ourselves from the rest of humanity when things really fall apart. start spreading the love, when you are checking out at the store thank that cashier for their service to you, for making it possible for you to get what you came for. i know it sounds hippyish but think about it, when you are fearful you feel terrible, when you feel love you feel wonderful. feeling good should be reason enough to start spreading the love, spreading peace. we all feel better when we are secure, calm, not worrying about where the next meal is going to come from. that my friends is how you know the difference between right and wrong. both ways provide stimulation which is what our brain seeks, but love feels right. pick up the person who falls because every time you do it you feel good and down the line that person might be in position to help another fallen person and will remember your kindness and pick them up. and that fallen person might be you at one time or another.

we are all composing the future and we have the choice of being a discordant, off beat, fourth grade band. we could put in a bit more work and compose our future as a harmonious orchestra. everybody playing their own instrument but following the same beat, the same score. helping others increases the wealth of your own world by allowing another person to be a brilliant musician in their own right and adding another wonderful sound to the diverse beauty of man. it doesnt mean we all need to play the drums(wouldnt be much of a song if we all did the same thing), we just have to follow the same beat.

i love you all and wish happiness for all of you because that will make me happy. we are all together in this world, everything else is just an illusion of fear that we have allowed ourselves to be pulled into. time to pull back the veil and see each other as we truly are, beautiful and powerful. dont let the people in power tell you that you are worthless because if you stop and listen to your heart you know it isnt true. find your truth within, everybody has their own based on their own experiences, and what is true for one person may not resonate with another and that is fine.




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[-] 1 points by whisper (212) 12 years ago

In what way will this act tie the production of currency to goods owned by those who produce it?