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Forum Post: Need a focused response on Thursday

Posted 11 years ago on Nov. 15, 2011, 3:31 p.m. EST by teamosil (0)
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Virtually anything OWS could do today, or maybe even tomorrow, will be a line about "squabbles continued" in a story headlined "Bloomberg kicks OWS out". Bloomberg has this news cycle. That doesn't mean that people should stop taking action today. They should definitely continue, but the real impact is going to be whatever we do on Thursday. Thursday we need to capture the entire news cycle with this event- http://occupywallst.org/action/november-17th/ That event has the potential to send a loud and clear message that trying to stamp the movement out just makes it stronger, or, if it fizzles, it has the potential to send the message that OWS has run it's course. It is crucial that everybody involved in OWS shows up and gets as many people as possible to join them. In my opinion, that event will be a pivotal step on the way forwards. The goal has to be worldwide media coverage. 100,000 people marching together peacefully and passively resisting on every tv set in the world and this whole meme of "Is OWS over?" that is cropping up in the media turns into "OWS is big and growing".

Everybody needs to show up, but on top of that, everybody needs to be telling all their friends and family about it. Especially those who haven't come out yet. The unions need to be promoting it full force. It needs to be posted on everybody's facebook page, the poster needs to get posted all over the city, mass emails to your friends, etc. This is where we really need to show how many people back our message as loudly and clearly as possible. Since a lot of folks work, my opinion is that the 5pm event should be the main push when you're promoting it. That's when we can get the biggest numbers.



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