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Forum Post: NDAA 2012 in Action: Bushbamney Regime Arrests Decorated Marine For Posting Protests on Facebook

Posted 1 year ago on Aug. 19, 2012, 7:50 a.m. EST by RiseUpAgainstTwoPartyTyranny (0)
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NDAA 2012 in Action: Bushbamney Regime Arrests Decorated Marine For Posting Protests on Facebook

Brandon Raub

U.S. Marine Arrested for Facebook Posts

Tim King Salem-News.com

Feds retaliate against another critic of the U.S. government.

Brandon Raub is a decorated Iraq and Afghanistan War Vet. Photo courtesy: United Truth Seekers

(SALEM / RICHMOND) - A decorated U.S. Marine who served his nation in two wars, Brandon Raub, of Richmond Virginia, was arrested for airing his critical views of the U.S. government on Facebook this weekend. We just reported yesterday that a Human Rights activist in Bahrain is being prosecuted for six Twitter messages. Politically, this country is increasingly resembling Bahrain and other nations that arrest those who speak out critically over federal policy.

His mother, Kathleen Thomas, says it is another case of the word 'terrorist' being applied to arrest and detain a citizen. You can hear the pride she feels for her son when she explains what he has been through, and by all counts Ms. Thomas makes her points loud and clear.

The law enforcement officials rolled up to the man's home around 7:00 last night. "He was there, the FBI, Secret Service and Chesterfield Police showed up in a storm," she said.

Thomas says her son was questioned about why he was writing certain comments, "He basically said 'I have some disagreements with the government and share this', and they said, 'You have to go with us'".

"He was handcuffed, not read his rights, put into a Chesterfield Police Department vehicle and taken to John Randolph Psychiatric Hospital in Hopewell, Virginia," Thomas said.

Agent Sherry Grainger with the Federal Bureau of Investigation called Kathleen Thomas, who described the conversation.

She said, "I am with the FBI" and "We have taken your son. He has been arrested by the Chesterfield County Police Dept because he assaulted an officer and resisted arrest. He has been arrested and taken to the Chesterfield Police Department."

The agent asked about whether her son was violent, Thomas explained that he was not, but that he loves his country. She asked the FBI agent if freedom of speech still exists in the United States.

"Yes we still have freedom of speech", Grainger reportedly said.

The FBI agent reportedly added, "The threats that he was making were terrorist in nature," telling Thomas roughly the extent of information that has been released so far, which is not much. Thomas was able to talk to her son on the phone.

As to what he is being charged with, she said, "He does not know, he has no idea why he is being held, he is told he will see a judge on Monday."

As referenced, the FBI agent, Grainger, reportedly told the woman that her son Brandon Raub was arrested for assault and resisting arrest… It was later when Grainger stated that the threats made by Raub was "terrorist in nature".

We do not have a track yet on what the comments on the Facebook page were, or if this arrest and failure to charge and administer Miranda Right, is an aspect or development of the new U.S. federal government's National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which has Americans bewildered, frightened and angry.

Thomas said in regard to the political view she and her son share, "We're not violent but we're very serious about what we believe. He is a patriot, He basically said that they, the government, are lying."

Our friend and fellow writer in Occupied Palestine, Siraj Davis, knows well that 'terrorism' is a label applied to those who resist fascist rule and decree. With regard to the arrest of this Marine, he said:

I checked his profile out. This guy doesn't belong in jail :) The guy has a picture with his own personal firearm on his fb profile. Yeah okay, so do millions of people on Facebook, some I know personally. Some of the "seditious" things he said were 9-11 was done by the government (even going to such length, and an interestingly detailed thesis, of providing evidence to augment this), the War on Terror is a lie, Americans are killing innocent people in the ME, the current federal banking system is corrupt and unfeasible to Americans, and that the George Bush's family rapes little children :) I think there is circumstantial evidence to prove all of the above and none of what he says offends ME as an American. In fact if any American has publicly stated any of the above, you may be next.

Personally, I think our tax money was just wasted toward arresting, detaining, and charging an innocent man who became victim to a witch hunt. This case is indicative of what I have been stating two years ago, I am sadly crying on the inside as I watch my own government terrorize some of its own people for thinking and living differently from the others. What separates the US government from World War II Germany and Japan!?

I hope the best for this gentleman and that God protects and blesses him. This man only wanted to express his disapproval of everything happening in America and sought to provoke the minds to consider that if change does not occur, Americans all over the US will consider making the change themselves. Why should we punish a voice from one of our own who is stating what many are inured, scared, or too apathetic to state publicly?

Oh!! Another thing, this guy liked playing rap music on his Facebook such as John Cena's WWE entrance theme. So I advise everyone to stay clear of that song.


The video shows that the arrest was non-violent. Marines know when to employ self-defense and when to comply with an impossible situation.

Brandon Raub is a Marine with serious background, but it is extremely noteworthy that he was a Sergeant of Marines and a fairly young one it appears. This is a sign of a tremendous individual capable of beating amazing odds.

I personally think it makes the rambunctious agents in the federal government squirm when they consider the power and pull that current and former U.S. Marines have in regard to community leadership. They don't seem to find a great deal of comfort in the existence of Occupy Marines which we are proudly part of.

People trust and respect the word of Marines far more than their overpaid cousins in law enforcement who lap from the public trough while working as the guard dogs of a government descending into non-existence due to its ridiculous policies that favor war over the poor.

Brandon Raub, you're on point Brother, but we have your six- your Brothers and Sisters will see you are out of there soon enough...

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[-] 2 points by captcha42 (54) 1 year ago

Really troubling story. It's hard to make a strong judgement without all the facts though. Conversely the fact that our govt continues to pursue and successfully weaken our Bill of rights should evoke alot of distrust. So many of the characteristics of fascism have manifested themselves in present day amerika.

[-] 1 points by Roninanonymous (2) from Los Angeles, CA 1 year ago

Take a look at the local federalized media's take on the story. They refer to his "ominous" fb postings. Welcome to your police state nightmare, America! Occupy is most likely next to be labelled as "domestic terrorists"! http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/2012/aug/20/tdmet01-veteran-has-hearing-today-mother-says-ar-2142038/

[-] 1 points by ZenDog (20500) from South Burlington, VT 1 year ago

I commented on another thread something to the effect that it appeared to me to be yet one more Manchurian Candidate. I was then asked why I thought that - my reply was somewhat extensive, but I think it bears repeating:

First we have to distinguish between simply being radicalized and being programmed. Programming comes as a result of repetition - and may often include various forms of both positive and negative reinforcement. The more punishing the negative reinforcement, the more deeply the conditioning may be set.

Radicalization is similar, the differences may be subtle, but in general it is simply a process of pissing someone off - constantly.

Given the utility of the angry white guy syndrome, I include both types of what I consider very very bad behavior under the heading Manchurian Candidate. Strictly speaking, the movie depicts true conditioning, as opposed to simple radicalization. Since I presume it may be difficult to tell the difference today, and since both forms in my view are as a result of that really really bad behavior I assume the use of the term Manchurian Candidate is appropriate.


. With a more precise understanding of the term, we can now examine telling symptomology:

  • There is a degree of altruism incorporated in his message - as you can see here when he says You deserve to know the truth. He goes on to assert the government is evil, and this represents a significant change in thinking - he did join the military, had he held this opinion of the government at that time then it seems highly unlikely he would have signed up.

    • he insists there is evil planned against us, and that it is great in scope - making such public statements while holding such a belief implies that he is placing himself at some risk in attempting to get the message out.

    • this point should not be understated - especially since it may provide motivation in the future. If he thinks he is taking personal risk, he will be evaluating his encounters with authority to determine if that risk is present during the encounter, or in the future - reception of his message is his primary source of feedback, and will form the basis of his evaluation.

  • He identifies individual portions of federal bureaucracy as complicit in something, and seeks to communicate to them through his FB postings:

    • *Dear men and women in positions of power here may be an indication that he sees a distinction between average government employees and those who are engaged in corruption;
    • within our government, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt judges and police*
    • and he indicates that he doesn't have time to explain in more depth - possibly indicating a time constraint beyond the norm.
    • He also indicates a recognition that others perceive him as going crazy - indicating he is aware of how his behavior is impacting others, not entirely trying to hide it, but perhaps attempting to tailor his behavior in such a way that it leaves room for the accessibility of his message - because obviously in his mind the message is important.
  • He has expectations of both the American people and our institutions - he says We are Americans and therefore will win out against the corruption; he has an expectation of Justice - these are principles ingrained as a result of the narrative we tell our selves and our children, it has a basis in reality, and the cause of Justice is, in his view at this present time, at some risk.

    • Chem trails show up as a theme in this FB post - I'm not sure where it comes from, perhaps it originated in South America as a result of paraquat spraying; I'm not certain on that point - but this theme has gained traction among the tin foil hat crowd - and since we did use various portions of an unsuspecting U.S. public as guinea pigs with radiation experiments, it is not possible to state with utter certainty that such claims are complete nonsense.

    • NOTE: This is also the only time, based on the evidence we have, where he states explicitly that repetition of the message You are Heroic has power to convince and to alter behavior. It is likely he has found himself within an environment where positive reinforcement for his current behavior has followed this process and the theme of heroism, and it may in fact be based on some of his marine experience, capitalizing on the conditioning he has already undergone as a result of boot camp, or later military training.

  • The theme of personal risk may be seen in this FB posting, and we also see positive reinforcement for his message. Heroism is also a theme repeated here - and it should be remembered that Richard Jewel did think he would go to Atlanta and become a hero - it didn't work out that way even though he did attempt to do something to stop the bombing.

    • It should be noted that in Jewel's case, he won a million dollar settlement with the FBI - they had no clue at that time regarding the nature and utility of such constructs, if they had they would not have been out a million bucks. Also, a year or two later he died of a heart attack. We cannot know if this was by natural causes or if it was chemically induced - but the value of the iconography alone suggests the later.
  • Here we see he has accepted the view that the government was responsible for September 11; this kind of thinking is prevalent among the tin foil hat crowd and yet, rarely are individuals arrested for their behavior as it ties to this belief. I would suggest that some form of reinforcement, some form of personal experience, reinforcing that perception of great evil is what makes the difference between someone who simply holds this belief, and someone who becomes extremely angry and agitated and attempts redress.

  • The last picture in the series of links included in the Forum Post indicate that the revolution is here, and someone will come pick him up to lead it. This is typical of the practical joker who says, do this for me, you'll like it, it'll be fun*, when the reality is actually quite different. It is similar to the Jewel experience, in that Jewel did not end up being the hero he expected.

    • This last also has an element of the spooky - a premonition that comes out twisted, which has the result of warning: You do not want to be this guy, because we will make you the tragic butt of an endless series of practical jokes, and there is nothing anyone can do. Sit down, shut up, and maybe we'll leave you alone . . . It isn't true of course, they never stop. Abusers rarely do.

    • NOTE: I haven't checked the YouTube url, but I note the caption: Big Pun - Brave in the Heart - A Tribute to the Artist This appears to be a possible message, one that only those engaged in his environment will catch. As if he is now creating his own, Subliminal Billboards.

. There may be other indications I may have missed.

The original comment may be found here:



[-] -2 points by OdronaOdronaOdrona (-29) from Washington, DC 1 year ago

Obama! Obama! Obama! 810227

[-] 1 points by richardkentgates (3269) from Fort Walton Beach, FL 1 year ago

Tragic and sad.

[-] 0 points by OdronaOdronaOdrona (-29) from Washington, DC 1 year ago

Obama! Obama! Obama! 810202


[-] 0 points by OdronaOdronaOdrona (-29) from Washington, DC 1 year ago

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