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Forum Post: native people

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 14, 2012, 1 a.m. EST by ivyleigh187 (1)
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For those of you that wish us to get involved and expect us to keep it a peace loving tree hugging love fest...are you crazy? Do you know what our genes carry? Let history speak for it's self...we never stopped fighting despite the odds until the last of our tribal leaders decided to save the race...if I lived in those times I would've kept going with the war until every last one of us was gone...just to show the world our fierce bravery is, was, and forever will be unmatched. Fire flows through my veins creating a thirst for war...a rise against the machine...to save my great mother from destruction..you people should think about leaving the small kids at home with a sitter...why would you take them? It will eventually turn into a war so you might as well stop hiding behind your kids and think twice before stirring up our red blood because once you get a true native started...we want to fight and die a good death in battle...and maybe this would help my people struggling with addictions get sober...take back our pride...but if will come down to violence...the powers that be will not step down and will not change for us or for any of you. I am a mother, was a soldier of the u.s. army...I am Cherokee and hunkpapa Sioux. I will pick up a gun, bow, knife, rock, my bare hands and my son would join me with his head held high no mattèr the outcome. Our soldiers went to war for us...the families they left at home, not for dear old uncle Sam...so please don't think our military will kill us...a handfull might, but we are the majority...the real shot callers.



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