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Forum Post: Nations of the World Arise from the shackles of the corrupt and its media.

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 9, 2011, 1:35 p.m. EST by clarity (20)
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All the news channels of the world are currently bombarding the minds of the peoples with the problems of the European debt.

A debt created by unjustified issuance of debt-money, interest charged on money created out of thin air.

"Learned" economists and "analysts" are all commenting with "erudition" on the high debt of the various countries and the high interest rates charged on money to be borrowed by these countries. "Brainwashed" journalists too are reporting from various countries with the eagerness of little boy scouts, looking to pick up some brownie points.

What a scandalous sham.

No one, not even one economist is demanding that countries issue their own money to free the countries from this fraudulent interest being charged. Not one economist is willing to educate the listener and it seems the boy scout journalists are but walking-brainwashed robots voicing what the money manipulators are saying.

When are we going to have economists, journalists and politicans with some scruples and backbones willing to educate the people on these malpractices? Where are the "Economics' Nobel" laureates, the "Pullitzer" laureates ??

Since the educators, the leadership and minders of public interest are sedated or have gone spineless, it is left to the citizens of all the Nations of the World to Arise against this deceit, dishonor and decrepitude.



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