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Forum Post: National Rifle Association and their Four Hoaxes

Posted 1 year ago on April 26, 2013, 9:48 a.m. EST by OccNoVi (415)
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NRA is not the only NWNJ operation selling hoaxes. But theirs are doozies.

Paranoia on a plate !!

– Hoax #1. Obama is weak and that violent crime is exploding. Librul society is collapsing around us. Bogus numbers are generated in their ad campaigns, all around.

FBI says violent crime declined by 15.5% from 2007-2011. Clearly with increasing population, the crime numbers show that society is getting healthier overall. NRA's claim of crime increases is as scummy as the Reinhart and Rogoff hoax described below -- faking economic numbers to push austerity policies is as bad as faking to generate paranoia.

– Hoax #2 . Armed homeowners are force “1,000,000 to 2,500,000″ times a year to grab guns and defend their homes.

Utterly fantastic. Based on telephone survey work with no verifications and multiple fantasy reports from "habitual" callers to 911 emergency numbers, the folks who call in several times a week when raccoons rattle their trash cans.

FBI tabulations show 80 at-home civilian defensive killings in 2010. 150-200 non-lethal at-home defensive shootings. No more than 10,000 civilian gun uses at residences. If you don’t sell drugs out your door or live in a very bad neighborhood, the U.S. has 850 gun accident fatalities a year that are more likely to get you.

– Hoax #3. Gun Confiscation Army. Black helicopters, ninja uniforms, battering rams for gun-lovers' front doors. Operating at 3 A.M. Warrantless invasions.

A secret army of federal employees is lined up to break down doors and confiscate guns. The solution is to buy more guns. If you’re a true patriot then you sleep with a loaded pistol under your pillow.

-- Hoax # 4: The Democratic Party is committed to repealing the 2nd Amendment and will support a broad program of gun confiscation.

The people who are outright opposed to owning guns are the Quakers and Buddhists and other pacifist groups. They lead by example. NRA's buddies on the hate-radio circuit repeat this hoax over and over, most recently in the South Carolina campaign backing Mark "The Liar" Sanford.

Lying has come to be expected when we hear RW politicians and their media front-men. That pattern has extended to perpetrating hoaxes. The fundamentals of economic organization and personal safety are misrepresented with an apparent aim to generate artificial paranoia.

One bit of relief, recently, is that the airport delays are not a