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Forum Post: National Public Radio alters article post-hoc & refuses to let #occupy leader advertise or join

Posted 4 months ago on Oct. 10, 2017, 11:58 a.m. EST by skiaspen50 (25)
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Breaking (Aspen): The leader of Occupy Aspen, Lee Mulcahy, accused the local affiliate of National Public Radio of altering an article post-hoc on the conflict of interest of the private attorney who represents city of Aspen housing (APCHA). Mulcahy stated, "During the investigation of Tom Smith by the state Supreme Court for conflict of interest and other issues, Aspen Public Radio (APR) removed audio that implicated Mr. Smith's dishonesty. APR's audio portion contained a statement where Mr. Smith promised to pay the town of Basalt back for bilking us citizens. He never did. And to top if off, APR revised the article to remove that very important fact. In essence, at a critical time, APR revised their journalism so it appeared that Mr. Smith didn't lie. This is concerning."

Attorney Mary Kenyon stated, ""He (Tom Smith) billed the town for personally representing Jacque and Pam," Kenyon alleged. "Then Aspen Public Radio interviewed him and asked if he didn't think that was a conflict of interest. During that interview, he issued what amounted to a mea culpa and promised to pay the town back the money he was paid. He has never done that."

Mr. Smith, also the private attorney of the town of Basalt, was later cleared because no employee for the Town of Basalt would testify against him.

The radio station's news manager Carolyn Sackariason later restored the article to its original content.

Glenn Greenwald writes, "One of the principal institutions devoted to monitoring and checking abuse of state power is the political media. The theory of a 'fourth estate' is to ensure government transparency and provide a check on overreach.... But that check is only effective if journalist act adversarially to those who wield political power. Instead, the US media has frequently abdicated this role, being subservient to the government's interests, even amplifyng, rather than scrutinizing, its messages and carrying out its dirty work."

Lee Mulcahy is considered controversial. He was formerly one of Aspen's most requested ski and snowboard instructors but was fired for attempting to unionize the employees of Aspen Skiing where he was an employee for 16 years. Later, he was expelled from the Aspen Institute for speaking truth to power and predicting revolution but the ban went to the Colorado Supreme Court and Mulcahy won. He is an internationally exhibited artist. Currently, the City of Aspen is attempting to evict him from the house his family built with their own hands.

After his accusation, Aspen Public Radio has refused to allow the leader of Occupy Aspen to advertise as an artist and refused his $2500.00 member donation.

Neither Aspen Public Radio's executive director or its news director Carolyn Sachariason has returned emails or phone calls for comment.



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[-] 1 points by skiaspen50 (25) 4 months ago

Update: The news director of Aspen Public Radio (APR) resigned last week. In an email today, the Executive Director of National Public Radio's affiliate in Aspen stated APR will not comment on personnel matters and is not publishing a statement.