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Forum Post: National General Assembly and Petition for Redress

Posted 8 years ago on Nov. 19, 2011, 1:22 p.m. EST by unfleecedbysheep (153)
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6-6-12 National General Assembly in Philadelphia. Visit https://sites.google.com/site/the99percentdeclaration/

Also check out the petition for redress and a National General Assembly at:https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/!/petition/endorse-wwwthe99declarationorg-which-petition-redress-grievances/Q6qYt2H9 There is a link from the first site to the second.

This petition is going directly to the top. On our presidents desk. Then to all of our congress members and the judicial branch. A National General assembly would more directly represent the peoples concerns. The list of grievances is a list of everything that has been discussed here.

Alternately the popular movement at the grass roots level has to stay informed and stay intact. The Movement Action Plan has many steps. The protests inform the many of it's existence. The next step is to go and create public forums for the movement at local levels to educate people directly and get them involved. Information is available at "www.doingdemocracy.com".



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[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 8 years ago

Bullshit, even if it gets 25,000 signatures, and it should be observed that many only require 500 signatures, it will only get directed towards a pile that may be "reviewed".

Regardless, I've no idea who set this threshold.

[-] 1 points by unfleecedbysheep (153) 8 years ago

Perhaps we should make that pile as big as possible. Repeat. Repeat, etc. other similar petitions are in action right now on occupytheconstitution.org or givemeliberty.org, formerly a petition was completed with hundreds of thousands of signatures and was submitted to the supreme court, but was rejected. A legitimate redress under the first amendment with a huge amount of signatures, rejected? so maybe it is ineffective but the last bit about continuing the movement over the long term will continue to be relevant in every aspect of every movement. www.doingdemocracy.com, to learn more. Your alternative proposal?

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 8 years ago

I agree, paste the link to petition the Whitehouse, everywhere

very few know it the open petition process is available

good thing to do while getting organized for Constitutional Convention 2013

[-] 1 points by unfleecedbysheep (153) 8 years ago

I thought it was 2012? 6-6-12? 228 days left for National General Assembly

whats the plan for Constitutional Convention?

[-] 1 points by FrogWithWings (1367) 8 years ago

scuse me.... 2012

[-] 1 points by unfleecedbysheep (153) 8 years ago

Chemical/pharmaceutical companies create persistent toxins in our environment.

Electrical producers introduce high levels of carcinogenic emissions that include radioactive material and high energy radio frequencies as well as exhaust from burning fossil fuels.

Biological engineering companies like monsanto and sanophie-pasteur create viruses, fungi, bacteria, and Genetically Modified Organisms. These destroy crops, peoples health, and genetic diversity of life on this planet.

These combined efforts seem to be an effort to create a dependency on technology due to the future inability of the biosphere to produce and maintain the requirements for sustainable life. An default enslavement by these largest corporations in the world over humanity through the cascading effects of a degrading health and genetic code, combined with the loss of self reliance utilizing sustainable/renewable natural resources that are all around us. With this purpose in mind these companies will own and control everything through manipulation.

The top 1% is on the boards of directors of all of these companies there may be 30k people involved but it comes down to the top 400 or so who have large stakes and are members of boards of directors. Some of these individuals also have positions in government including the FDA and EPA. You can see the conflict of interests here between their opposing purposes of selling product and regulating the sale of those products.

Look up "interlocking directorate"

[-] 0 points by ciavlad (85) 8 years ago

Do you want to get rid of cunning people !? Vote petition on the Internet : http://wh.gov/jkl

[-] 1 points by unfleecedbysheep (153) 8 years ago