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Forum Post: National "Call in Sick" Day(s) during the One Week up til November 6

Posted 10 years ago on Aug. 11, 2012, 4:23 a.m. EST by matoinyanawacis (157)
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People, or more accurately, All eligible voters who are likely to be disenfranchised of your vote due to some of these Repugnacan led laws curtailing early voting, especially for democratic leaning people, should, on a day when you would normally be at work, call in sick, then go stand in line to cast a ballot. If your job complains, just say you thought it was the line in the doctors office, as healthcare still is under "obstruction". But really, if an employer tries to fire you for taking the day to go vote, file a lawsuit charging your employer with violating your civil right to vote during the only time allotted to you to vote. The time currently being "DICTATED" by repugnacans who are "DESPERATE" to stop democracy from working. They have "Invested" a lot of time and money buying our democracy, and they are desperate that what they are attempting to "STEAL" has no chance of being returned to their rightful owners.... The Voters. America Belongs To ALL AMERICANS... not just the 1% parasites. Their cure is what was generally known in medieval times as "bleeding the patient". The Idiocracy is fully planned, and their hopes is that we Americans are so frustrated with their obstructions and red tapes runarounds, that we will give up and just let them win. Any American who does that is not an American, and never truly deserved the rights that "were" guaranteed him or her. Know this, if the 1% and the repugnacans win, ALL America loses. The Constitution WILL become just toilet paper, because they WILL rewrite it, and the 99% won't be the beneficiaries of that rewrite... And once again our nation will be torn apart by civil war... Only difference, they will have all the advanced weaponry at their disposal to "quell the serfs". Wake up America, time is running out, Pay Attention to what is going on. Don't sell America into Serfdom (slavery to the 1%) just because you're lazy or discouraged.



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