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Forum Post: Nation in Crisis, Decisions to Make: Time to Get Real... Involved!

Posted 2 years ago on Oct. 1, 2012, 8:10 a.m. EST by WSmith (1579) from Cornelius, OR
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It's democracy stupid! You know how to democracy don't you? You put your registration and your knowledge together... and Vote. Participation mandatory.

It's politics stupid! It's dirty, mean and confusing. It's full of exceptions, contradictions and lies. It's also flagrantly manipulated by Big$ and made worse thanks to Citizens United and the politicians who promoted it. We have only two viable parties: Republicans and Democrats. Rs favor the private sector, Big$, 1%, exclusivity and the conservative, religious right wing. Ds favor the public sector, Labor, 99%, inclusivity and the liberal, progressive left wing. Third parties won't be viable until laws are changed to stop excluding them and start including them.

It's the electorate stupid! The vast majority of our electorate favors the views and policies of the Ds, employment, health care, education, environment, infrastructure, social services, justice, civic and national pride and defense. But among democracies, we have the lowest voter turnout and the greatest Big$ turnout. Because Rs have a reliable nonfluctuating base, when voters are discouraged, Rs often get elected. So Big$ ends up the primary "electorate and constituency" by default.

It's the media stupid! The 1% owns the media and encourages a pro-R bias, unfortunately the facts have a liberal bias. To counter this, Rs developed their own news media network, Fox News, to broadcast reliable pro-R propaganda. Rs also monopolize radio with 24/7/365/every city RW propaganda, with Rush, Boortz, Savage, etc. And because democracy depends on an informed electorate, we end up with a largely low information, highly propagandized electorate. But there are a plethora of good sources of information if people take the time to seek them out, and many people do.

Your R-vote is for: science deniers, privatization, the second amendment, deregulation, environmental exploitation, voter suppression, anti-democracy, above the law-Big$-1%, exclusion, theocracy, offshoring, regress, taking America hostage...

Your D-vote is for: science, public services, We the People and the whole constitution, regulation, environmental protection, voter expansion, democracy, law enforcement -