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Forum Post: NASA’s Stolen Notebooks: Why Do They Want This Information Exposed all Over MSM? This Should Be Classified.

Posted 6 years ago on March 4, 2012, 3:51 p.m. EST by energy (30)
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NASA’s Stolen Notebooks: Plausible Deniability For Upcoming False-Flag Event With The ISS??

This should be a giant red flag for everyone. If not for a false flag scenario, I think it could be the beginning of the propaganda campaign for weaponizing space as "national security against terrorism"

This week reports of MSM about almost 50 notebooks and mobile devices stolen from NASA’s facilities, including a laptop with security codes for operating the International Space Station, surprised the world. Specially because such embarrassing security breach should be classified. But of some way it hit all over the MSM, with a lot of noise, what IMO suggests a scenario of “plausible deniability” being purposely created, for an upcoming false-flag event with the ISS.




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[-] 1 points by RogerDee (411) from Montclair, NJ 6 years ago

Yea. OK. Fer sure.

[-] 1 points by SmeggitySpooge (78) 6 years ago

Well, reporting it is stated to be "voluntary".

Amazing is there are no reports of the "perp" being apprehended.

Not knowing, nor having caught whomever stole that many units from NASA, is simply not plausible.

[-] 1 points by energy (30) 6 years ago

I know, just the announcement that they're gone, and then......nothing. Silence. All I can hear are the crickets.

[-] 1 points by SmeggitySpooge (78) 6 years ago

I somehow doubt they'll get around to thinking that changing the unencrypted operational codes is a good idea until after Iran has been zapped off the map, or a chuck of the USA.