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Forum Post: My Declaration for the Reclamation of Democracy

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 13, 2011, 1:12 a.m. EST by jgpolitico (3)
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I. Representative Accountability Reform

Outlaw lobbying – Representatives are elected to represent the citizens of their districts, not special interest groups. If they want to know what their constituents are thinking, they can hold town halls and speak directly to the people.

Outlaw corporate influence – Repeal the Citizens United decision and enforce a strict interpretation of the Tillman Act of 1907, which states it is “unlawful for any national bank, or any corporation organized by authority of any laws of Congress, to make a money contribution in connection with any election to any political office.” Corporations and banks are not people, they are run by people, people who already get to vote and contribute as individuals.

Close the revolving door – Set a 5 year minimum employment restriction for elected representatives who seek employment in an industry they regulated, worked in collaboration with, or passed legislation that directly influenced the sought industry of employment.

Wage fairness – A livable minimum wage must be instantly instituted. There should be no congressional or presidential raises without simultaneously raising the minimum wage. From late 1997 to early 2011, the minimum wage was raised 3 times totaling an annual increase of $4,368 to sit at $15,080. In that same period, congressional salaries were raised 10 times totaling an annual increase of $44,000 to sit at $174,000.

II. Voting Reform

Majority rules – All elections, federal and local, should be majority rules. Abolish the outdated electoral voting system.

Voting verification – Mandate electronic voting systems to have paper printouts for voter verification and reliable recount. The prohibition of any recount should be illegal – legitimacy, not expediency, should be the focus of elections.

Voter accessibility – Abolish the single election day and establish a four consecutive day election period that traverses the weekend to accommodate those with jobs and other obligations and to not dissuade voters with long lines.

Voter options – There is an entrenched system of corruption in the current two party system. The American people have a right to know their choices and to have equal ballot access to all of their options. Exclusion of coverage and unequal ballot accessibility for legitimate third party candidates should be seen as a form of voter disfranchisement.

III. Judiciary Reform

Limit Supreme Court Justices and United States Court of Appeals Judges to 6 year term limits at which time they are subject to a simple majority retention vote from the Senate whereby if retained the judge will be granted another 6 years and if not retained the President will select another judge. This ensures that the justices better reflect the evolving culture of the country and the progression of knowledge and ensures accountability.



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